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Found 11 results

  1. Michael Sahr

    Working out through soreness

    I am 53 years old and began doing the gymnastic bodies workouts about a month ago. I recently went water skiing for the first time in years and developed soreness in my left hamstring. I don’t think I pulled a muscle but I’m not sure. I am continuing to do my workouts through the soreness. Is this a good idea or should I allow the sore hamstring to fully recover first? Thanks.
  2. I am recovering from a minor hamstring tear (tear is to muscle belly and not connective tissue), but do not want to stop all GST while in the recovery process. I am currently working through Foundation 1 with Middle Split and Front Split during a given week. Stretching seems to aggravate the hamstring tear (even light stretching). What exercises can I continue, and which should I discontinue until fully healed? Also, what indicators should I look for that indicate my hamstring is ready for more intense workload? Thanks, Ryan
  3. Thomas Wiggins

    Quad vs Ham/Glute Imbalance

    I have a pretty pronounced imbalance between my quads and my hammies/glutes. I have been able to work through most of the pistol squat progressions with little effort on the quad portions but I'm running into a wall on the glute ham raises. I work out in a standard office gym and so don't have access to a lot of useful equipment and I don't have a partner. What are some modifications I can make to the ham curls (since I know I need to roll back in that progression to something easier) that I can do without a partner? I'm doing leg curls at my body weight as an alternative for the time being.
  4. Micha Trejgis

    Stretching uncertainty

    Hello, When i stretch legs - for example pancake walk, i often feel stretch not on the hamstring but much lower, at the knee hight, about kneecap hight but still in the back of the leg. Should it be like that? Thanks in advance for your answear
  5. Brad Hankee

    Stretching with an injury

    Hi All: My first post. I just started doing the foundation and stretch courses. My goal is to become flexible. No one in my family can sit crosslegged and I am so tight I am injury prone. I have had a pain in the right side right where the pelvis meets the lower back (from deadlifting about a year ago). The chiro just has me doing hamstring stretches. I know the stretch classes are for once a week but heard coach say that some daily warmup/streching is necessary. I also heard him say that if done more than once progress will suffer. My question is are there any stretches I can do daily at night while watching tv that would not hinder, but help progress? Thank you in advance. Brad
  6. Alexander Castiglione

    Muscle Strain? or something more/less?

    Hey Everyone, So i know this is a bit vague, but I was at a proper gymnastics gym (ironically) and was stretching in the pancake position, a position i can usually get chest to floor in - and I shifted from side to side a little, and felt/heard a pop, right below my glute but in towards my groin, whatever muscle that is. Not quite hamstring, not quite groin, and I know I'm doing a horrible job explaining. I thought I had just seriously injured myself, but i stood up, got into a squat, moved around, no pain. That being said, I still don't have "pain" but I can't get as deep into a pancake without some tension and discomfort - I'd say a 2-3 on a 1-10, 1 being and itch, 10 being unconscious. From what my googling has led me to believe I probably have a very minor muscle/tendon strain, as I have no loss of strength, just a loss of perceived mobility - where i feel tension on the area, slight discomfort, and can't get as low as I like. The only two moves I feel this in are a pancake, or a really deep side to side squat; but i haven't lost any strength - which i read was one of the indicators of a stage 2+ tear. Has anyone had a similar injury? How did you deal with it? Did you stretch? Not stretch? Ice? Heat? Please let me know what's worked for the community, as I'm getting conflicting answers from training buddies and coaches, and I know if I go to the doc they'll prob just prescribe me something or say "you need an MRI." I have great insurance, but want to stay non-radiated unless absolutely essential. Thanks!
  7. I'd greatly appreciate your advices on an "anatomical" question. I'm currently training for the middle split. When I got into the position (with anterior pelvic tilt and toes pointing forward) as soon as I get past 10 inches from the ground I feel a sharp pain in my hamstring tendon just behind the knee. It feels like if I put more pressure on it it would pop or tear. I don't feel any stretch in my hips nor in my hamstrings, only in that tendon precisely on both legs. So it stops me from progressing and going lower to actually stretch my hips and hamstrings. My hips are much more flexible when I'm doing a frog stance for instance, I can almost touch the ground. And when I'm doing the pike I don't feel any strain on my tendons. One can simply stretch a tendon ? Or Is it anatomically impossible ? Someone told me you can only stretch muscles, the tendons can only adapt to the load. If so my tendons might be too weak to support the load ? Would it be better then if I slightly bend my knees to reduce the pressure ? Or is a bid idea in order to progress in the right direction ? I know that there were quiet a few topics about knee pain while stretching for the middle split but the OP's were talking about hamstrings pain. I can clearly feel it's my tendon here that is messed up... It is the white area on the bottom left of the right picture (grade III - complete tear). P.S. : Sorry if my post ain't straight to the point or grammatically incorrect.. English is not my mother tongue please forgive me .
  8. Hypothetical question/an issue I am curious about. Let's say a man has a perfect pike, excellent hamstring mobility and very good, but not yet perfectly matching compressional strength when doing pike lift. Jefferson curls bother his back, even when worked with only 20 lbs. He feels the loading over extends him. Also, when doing a less complex move, an RDL, he gets more strain in Low Back and shoulders, but nothing in the hamstring. His current strength level is technically foundation 2, but when dabbling in foundation 3, he does quite well. The whole reason this topic was explored in the first place was knee pain (around the patella)/he was feeling and a personal feeling of being too quad dominant (strength wise). FYI, Unloaded, pike is fine and pike lifts do not bother anything or cause an strains. I have my own views on how to handle this "hypothetical question", but I was wondering if any coaches have experienced this with themselves and there athletes and what they did to improve the athlete. Thanks
  9. Jesus Rojas

    Pulled Hamstring

    Hi guys ! I just pulled my hamstring in a relatively easy to me front split, in the fifth set doing front splits something on my left leg pops, It was the day 22-11-2014. About two or three days later I got a bruise and I wait until Monday for go to see the doctor due to they don't work on weekends, he does a ultrasound on my left leg, and said that everything is ok, without no rupture or damaged, he said it was a slightly strain, and also he checked me with a couple of physical movement and touching my leg, he receipt me a couple of medicament: Thiocolchicoside (muscular relaxant) Maxibol (Cobamamide) and a Spray for the affected zone. I've to take rest from 22-11-2014 until 20-12-2014. The strength of my injured leg is about 90% right now but my ROM is also limited. Exercises that I've to eliminate: - Squatting patterns with both legs ( I just do shrimps with my non-injured leg ). - My beloved Jefferson Curl, pancake and any stretch or motion that involves the hamstring. - L-sit with both legs, I just can do the L-sit with my left leg bent, I can't hold my injured leg on a 90 degree angle. Thoughts ? If you guys have a tip, recommendation or critique that could help me, I will be glad to hear it. Thanks !
  10. Luka Kopusar

    left side lagging

    Hey. Since always i noticed that my life side is kinda behind in terms of flexibility, but mainly from the waist below. Especially now, when i stretch every morning, right side is always ahead, although i did gain inches on both legs. I was thinking for the left side, if i would do every night a bit of easy stretching for hip, calf and ham. nothing hardcore, just easy stuff, like 10-15min. Comment?
  11. Zach Koch

    Short Achilles Tendon

    After hurting my back doing lower weight squats, my doctor told me that having a shorter achilles tendon made the barbell squat more dangerous. I'm now wonder if this is also why I've never been able to touch my toes despite daily attempts. Does anyone have, or is anyone familiar with a case where someone has a shorter achilles tendon and was able to reach fingers or wrist to toes. Is it feasible? My neice(5 years old) has it even worse than I do. She constantly toe walks and in her gymnastics class, is the only kid who seems to be having trouble. So, I'm asking for her as well.
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