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Found 6 results

  1. Jamie Clowes

    Hello + forearm splints

    I'm new here but have been reading through threads for a few months now, mainly on forearm splints, wrist and finger pain. I started getting forearm splints years ago when I was a bro, curling 40kg in the gym like I was the man. Then I started to get pain, so bad I couldn't even open a door. Eventually I stopped doing curls altogether, switched over to DC training and then 5x5. I occasionally got some pain from bench / overhead press, but it was completely manageable through stretching. A few years later and I've quit the gym, focussing on bodyweight training. I needed some goals so began working towards the planche and handstand. For the planche I practised L-Sit, tuck planche & planche lean - doing sets so the times totalled 60 seconds per exercise, gradually increasing the time per set (15,15,15,15 - 20,20,20 - 30,30 etc). For the handstand I was really just working on my fear of being on my hands upside-down and only really got as far as a headstand against a wall (don't laugh). The planche training was going so well and I was really enjoying the progression, even if it was ever so slow. However it all came to a swift end when my forearm splints came back with a vengeance. I noticed it came on really strong if I was doing a hold then immediately came off the position, but if I came off gradually then the pain wouldn't be as bad, but would still be present. I've always stretched my wrists out before and after exercising ... as well as doing about 8x 30 second exercises with a rice bucket. The addition of the above 2 things really did feel as though it was working. However I ended up stopping training completely, and just doing the above stretches every few days but for some reason this just brought the strain back. I've also tried not doing any stretches or training at all. I've even started getting pain from playing guitar and typing now (perhaps all 3 are linked?). My main point of this thread is to ask if anyone has actually had any success with forearm/finger/wrist exercises that has enabled them to train hard again, without having to worry about any pain creeping in, and also if there are any structured programs out there I can follow which can help. I know this is probably about the 10th thread on forearm splints, but I really haven't found much hope online on the topic and am getting slightly desperate. If anyone can help please do! I just want to start training correctly again.
  2. ishocker

    Old broken arm weak elbow tendon?

    Ok im still fairly new to this calisthenics/gymnastics lifestyle and I want to make sure I don't mess myself up so it anyone could assist me I would really appreciate it I broke my 2 left arm bones (ulna&radius) twice right in the middle of the arm when I was in middle school (Im 23 now) second time the bone came out and had minor surgery but no plates or screws though, but now im training for a planche but I feel my left arm is slight weaker especially around the back elbow right under the triceps muscle but right above the actual elbow joint I don't know it that's a muscle or tendon sorry, but when I try some poses like crow stand I feel that left elbow area barely has muscle but I feel a nice tight muscle or tendon on my right elbow (I feel it with my knees when I get in that stance) but when I do straight arm planche holds with my feet elevated on something I don't feel stress or feel like it's gunna snap but I guess i am afraid or siking myself out in my mind that my elbow is gonna snap backwards since I feel there's not to much strength there, I never feel pain or any of that sort from the crow stance as well and I don't want to In the future either. Im just thinking since I broke it twice and like a month apart from each other im afraid the muscles got reattach differently? If that's even possible So I guess my question is, will I be able to ever do a straight locked out arm planche or is that out the window due to my old injury? If not what exercise could I do to strengthen that one area/muscle? and also both elbows pop when I extend them out must of the time but never pain, is this normal?
  3. chunky34

    Basic Mobility Drills

    Dear members, long story short, I am back in the gymnastic world after thinking for a long time about my weight training routine and where I was going (nowhere). Today, I did some testing to simply know at what level I am. I got some basic strength already: can do the frog stand for more than 15 sec, a flat tuck FL and L-sit on parrallets. However, I have big issues with mobility. For instance, I can't do a simple 1 leg squat on the negative portion with my heel on the ground all the way down, have problems going very low on the dip, impossible for me to do a straddle exercise etc. Do you have a basic flexibility-mobility drills routine that you would want to share, for my problems and also any other member that lack in this area. Thanks,
  4. Firmgood

    Advanced Lower Abs Exercises

    Hey, Quick question. Does anybody knows some Advanced Lower Abs Exercises? I would like exercise like Toes To Bar, which is to easy for me now. Already doing: Human Flag, Dragon Flag, L-Sit, Front Lever. Thank's! Cheers!
  5. Blenner

    Structuring workouts

    I have a question about the order of exercises in each workout. I'll provide an example to make my question clearer: Pull-up variation paired with back lever trainingPush-up variation paired with front lever trainingHanging leg lift variation paired with L sit trainingWhat order would I do these in? Do i do the pull-up variation (for 3x3 or 3x5 etc) and then do back lever training or would I do back lever training and then do pull-ups? And then move onto the push-ups/front lever or do I train all static positions first and then train fundamental bodyweight exercises? Cheers
  6. I've been doing the same bent-arm strength workout for a few weeks now, and I'm looking to switch things up. This is what I've been doing: Warmup: ~30s holding handstand position 4-6 skill ring strength routine (e.g. front lever->muscle up to L-sit->hollow-back->back roll->back lever). 3x sets, with 5 minute rest between each set. Each exercise is performed slowly: 4x straddled planche pushups 4x maltese board presses (these are technically straight-arm, but they don't stress my joints much so I do them along with my bent-arm work) 4x inverted muscle ups, performed negative 4x inverted bulgarian handstand pushup 8x inverted rows on rings ~3 minutes manna work I'm of the opinion that it's important to up exercises every few-weeks to prevent the body from becoming ''acclimated" to a particular exercise. Thus I'm looking for new movements that will hit similar strength areas. Here's what I'm thinking so far: 3x cranks to work core and shoulder retractors 2x cirques on 15' rope to work bicep strength 4x wide-grip muscle-ups to work cross-related strength 3x Galimores to work planche strength ~3 minutes manna work I'm struggling to come up with exercises to replace the bulgarian hspu's and the maltese board presses. Any help/suggestions? Should I just keep doing those? Should I make any other changes to my routine? My primary goals at this point are building maltese strength and building/maintaining planche strength.
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