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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I've noticed that my right foot likes to be a little externally rotated, especially while walking. I've also had problems doing lifts like the deadlift, clean, etc where I get pain in the right side of my low back along the spine. During this I feel like my right inner hip is not offering any support, but it gets a bit better if I make a conscious effort to flex my right adductor and force my right hip back. I think it might be slightly impinged, because my hips also click if I lay down and contract/extend my knee. To fix this i've tried strengthening and stretching my hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors with various exercises like pike compressions, glute bridges, and weighted stretching by holding essentially a half way roman deadlift with very low weight. These have all been pretty effective at getting some hip mobility and strength back, but nothing has fixed the external rotation issue. Is this something any of you have seen before, or do you have any ideas of exercises that I should do to fix this? Thanks in advance, Clay
  2. Wes Maghanoy


    Hello I'm about to start fundamentals, I took interest in looking into this to have overall more strength in general, but also to address the fact that I have lower back pain, and TIGHT hamstrings.(which I'm sure go hand in hand with each other.). I have tight hip flexors too, simply doing crunches kills me on my hips. My question would be, is there anything I can do on a consistent daily basis to improve and address my lower back pain and extremely tight hamstrings.(like a specific stretch, I get conflicting messages online about stretching, like don't stretch your hamstrings like this, or only stretch them with a tennis ball etc. I find it confusing and frustrating because i don't want to practice a stretch that could potentially be more damaging.) I realize that there is no overnight cure, and correcting this issue will take time, I'm ready for that, I just want to manage my time effectively and be productive as possible. I feel comfortable asking for advice HERE. Should I just follow the fundamental videos if it is the best course of action in accelerating the healing process of my lower back and tight hamstrings? Or is there something ADDITIONAL I can do daily outside of fundamental courses to address my tight hamstrings. Thanks in advance, and I apologize if there is an answer to this already.I was searching for something in the forums, but many people here speak in tongues(acronyms) and I just haven't fully picked up the lingo yet. Thanks! Also currently to address my back issue, I try to be more mindful when sitting for prolonged times at work(i'll stand up and walk around every hour for a bit) and watch my posture(catch myself slouching)
  3. Maxim Berman

    Training with labrum tear in hip?

    Dear folks at GB, I am writing because i need some advice. I am used to working out a lot but am troubled with an injury and i dont know what the best way is to start working out again. Around a year ago i started getting hip pains following an ankle sprain. After long sessions at the fysiotherapist i was referred to the hospital to get an mri done and they discovered a tiny tear in my labrum. So tiny that i do not think they will want to operate. The advice i was given in relation to working out was that i had to improve my flexibility and strength in the hip region (im very tight in my lower body). Right now i have pain with sit ups with my legs locked, leg raises, etc. Also, my hip mobility is terrible. You hear a lot of clicking noises from shifting tendons i believe. Do you think i could follow this program to improve these issues or you not recommend it? I just bought the fundamentals package and intend to follow it fo a week to find out if my hip can take it. Do you have any tips or experience/advice you could give on gaining hip flexibility with an injury like this? In the long run i intend to add swim training so i can work on my cardio too. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Dillon Roy

    FAI (Femoroacetabular Impingement)

    I'm very interested in pursuing GB to heal and strengthen a body worn from professional athletics. I have a quick question about GB and participants who have Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). I'm curious if GB training is conducive to this injury and what precautions and experience Gymnastic Bodes have with the injury. Thanks for any insight provided.
  5. Kyle Sprecher

    Hip pain and increasing hip mobility

    I am a newbie to the Gymnastics Bodies community and just started Foundation 1. I am loving the emphasis on mobility and am really hoping the program can help with my hip. I am a long time soccer player and transitioned to long distance running. Probably as a result of imbalance and immobility, I developed intense hip pain. I've had two arthoscopic surgeries and even an osteo chrondo plasty (open hip surgery). Despite many, many PT rounds, I still have a lot of immobility and pain in my hip. And my early first workouts still bring out a bunch of pain in my hip. Has anyone experienced chronic hip pain and found that the F1 or SS courses help over time? I'd love to think that through the right disciplined approach of mobility and strength exercises I could overcome the pain and movement restriction of my hip. I'd love to avoid surgery, if possible. Any stories / recommendations for how to approach training with a chronically pained hip?
  6. ayloedxa

    Hollow Body Hip position

    Greetings fellow friends, I have had a lot of discussion about the hollow body shape concerning the pelvis and/or legs. 1. If for example you are hanging from the high bar, you should press your chest inwards to achieve a round back. Now should there be an angle between the legs and the lower back/pelvis, i.e. should there be a small pike? Or should it be completely straight and all the roundness should come from the upper back area? I hope this question is clear :S 2. Also, when I do the hollow body on the floor, should I try to press my lower back so far into the ground, that my glutes lift off the ground? I hope that I articulated myself well enough and you can help me with this problem, Fynn
  7. I´m 19 years old and started doing gymnastics 2 years ago. I made good progressions in terms of strength and balance but my bad flexibility keeps me from moving to new skills. My main goal now is to achieve the Press to Handstand. Therefore i am trying to improve my Pancake stretch because i think its the main reason that i can´t get the HSP yet. I can only go to the gym 2x a week, so that have to stretch alone the other times. I would like to hear some progressions to finally get the chest on the floor with legs spread apart which i can try at home and without a partner. Cheers
  8. Oldrich Polreich

    Piriformis/Sciatica problem

    Hello My right piriformis has been giving me trouble for 2-3 weeks, but nothing major (stretching helped) But this saturday, after my gym session it got extremely stiff and painful. So painful that stretching was almost impossible. I laid down, applied some heat and cold a rested. This helped a bit (at least i can stretch a little) but it is third day now and i still feel pain in my right butt and even down in my knee and calf. Pain is not constant, sometimes sitting makes it worse, sometimes not. Usually, it is worse in the morning (actually waking me up) I can't sit with my legs straight (hip won't let me) let alone do the pike stretch. Warming up and light mobility work (swivel hips) helps with the pain, but not in a long run. Anyone has any experience with this? I've seen the doctor, he prescribed me pain meds and sent me to orthopedics, who sen't me to neurology in local hospital. They told me that i maybe have pinched nerve (well thanks, google told me that) and prescribed me another pain meds and told me to apply cold or heat I'm trying to make an appointment with physio, but i have to wait week or two before he's available. Thanks
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