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  1. Hi guys, someone knows why my lower back hurts in the first portion of the movement ?.Thanks.
  2. Michael Zeiters

    Shoulder Pain During Dips

    Hello everyone, about a years ago I hurt my right shoulder bench pressing and it has never been the same. I went to the doctor and he gave me a few rehab exercises to do with a 5 pound dumbbell along with the advise that I should never do any kind of overhead or incline pressing because it is bad for the shoulder . I did the exercises for 3 months or so with out any change. During that time I didn't workout at all and tried to rest. About 3 months ago I started doing calisthenics with some front lever and handstand training. My shoulder still bugs me but not really any pain. There is a lot of "popping sounds" though. The only exercise where it hurts bad is at the bottom part of the dip when my arm hits 90 degrees. The pain is in my front delt, the inside of my shoulder an inch or so behind my front delt, the back of my shoulder, and along the side of my trap where it runs close to the shoulder. Before and after every workout I perform Ido Portal's shoulder routine and do a few different shoulder stretches that Joshua Naterman showed on his YouTube channel. Please help me figure out what is wrong!
  3. Samvel Azizbekyan

    Muscle injury, brachialis?

    Hey there everyone, I have a couple of things that I need help with and id greatly appreciate the assistance. I've had a muscle injury about 2 months ago, and i feel like im really falling behind on my training and want to get back into it as soon as possible. I think what caused the injury was doing a slow muscle-up with my 45lb vest. I cannot tell which muscle it is that I injured, it feels like its between the bicep and tricep. I think it might be the brachialis muscle. There is no bruising around the area, and as far as pain, there really isnt any...i mean there is enough so i can feel that its not normal but it doesnt really hurt..It feels like it is right in between the elbow and shoulder. What would you guys suggest that I should do? I really take my training seriously, and thats all i really do. I havn't been able to work on anything but legs, abs and lower back. If theres anything that you could tell me that would help a whole lot. I've tried to get tips and help from other people...but no one really has anything other than the basic things to tell me;rest, ice, compression, anti-inflammatories. I do all of that...but is there really anything else that would speed up the healing process? Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys.
  4. Justin Cloud

    One big wrist mess, discouraged...

    It's going to be a bit long, bear with me Let me start from the beginning. 4 months ago, when I practiced handstand, occasionally my right wrist will have a bit pain. And it goes away right after I stop the movement. (At this time, i'm still capable of doing every exercises) Beginning of March, when H1 came out, I was excited because there are joint conditioning exercises in it; and I know if I put time in to strengthening my wrist and there will be no occasional pain. So I started easing into H1. At first my joint feels ok, and when I progressed with HS/PE1 and the joint preparation, my wrist starts to feel uncomfortable at times. However, I thought that, as the training goes on it will improve and get better. At that time I picked up flag football during weekends, where I do alot of blocking. After two weeks or so, my right wrist started feeling uncomfortable even when i'm not doing any thing. Because of it, I deloaded on H1, and think that by doing it, It'll help my wrist get into shape. As time passes, my right wrist even started to hurt when I handle stuff. So I totally stopped H1 on beginning of Apirl. One day I was at school, I hi-fived my friend, and he gave me this self-defense move where he twists my wrist, and that causes some pain. Gradually I realize, even the exercises that requires my palm on the ground hurts my right wrist, so I dropped those exercises too. I currently go to college, and it requires decent amount of typing. So in order to compensate my right hand, i use my left hand to write and type at times. And gradually, left wrist pain kicks in as well. both of my wrist hurts when I bend my wrist at any angle and squeeze my fingers. My right wrist is a bit swollen, which is hard to tell. And I circled the pain areas: RIGHT HAND compere to LEFT: I feel freaking handicapped right now, both my wrists are messed up. I basically can not handle anything, and it feels uncomfortable when I type right now.
  5. Robert Rieckmann

    Discus triangularis pain

    Hey guys, longtime reader here. I've started GB when F1 came out and also did H1 since march and I'm really enjoying it so far. Maybe 2 weeks ago I played soccer and fell on my hands. Since then my left wrist hurts in certain movements where I have to hyperextend my hand, like pushups, planks or headstands. It feels like a mild discomfort. I can't do the wrist stretches to my full ROM like before without pain, so I just do those very lightly. The pain seems to be in the discus triangularis area. Maybe some of you had something similar happen to you? I would really like to know if I can do anything to help the healing process. I'm not sure if I can still do the wrist work in H1 or should do some wrist curls or rice bucket. I will go to the doctor next week to get things clarified, but maybe you have some experience with this injury, that you could share. I'd really appreciate that. Thanks, Robert
  6. xorge89

    Xr shoulder pain

    Hello everybody. I am relatively new to gymnastics fitness and I decided to invest in some XR due to the long health benefits that they provide. I started using them last year around April, however, my past ignorant self skipped a lot of steps and tried performing support hold on rings for 30 seconds as many reps as possible. This obviously led to a pain that developed in the area located near the anterior portion of the left shoulder and at the extremity of my pectoral. I believe the pain was on the muscles right above the shoulder joint. I stopped doing rings and started doing shoulder rehab for about 4 or 5 months before using the rings again. This time I started slowly, I did the whole PB portion and tried doing support hold on rings 6secs for 10 reps after that. That dull pain returned and since I kept on moving forward, it was a bit of a sharp pain every time I got off the rings. I once again stopped doing rings and started doing rehab and did not touch the rings until recently. This time however, I have not performed any support holds, I was only using them for push-ups and dips. I was doing alright but one day I did both dips and push-ups on the rings on the same day and that led to the return of that pain. It is only very very dull, however I fear that it can get worse. I would like to know what exercises I can perform ATM without agitating my shoulder. How long should I rest and recover before resuming my normal workout routine. And how should I build up my form so that I can perform support holds pain free on the XR? I thank you very much for your time and I greatly appreciate your help.
  7. Oldrich Polreich

    Piriformis/Sciatica problem

    Hello My right piriformis has been giving me trouble for 2-3 weeks, but nothing major (stretching helped) But this saturday, after my gym session it got extremely stiff and painful. So painful that stretching was almost impossible. I laid down, applied some heat and cold a rested. This helped a bit (at least i can stretch a little) but it is third day now and i still feel pain in my right butt and even down in my knee and calf. Pain is not constant, sometimes sitting makes it worse, sometimes not. Usually, it is worse in the morning (actually waking me up) I can't sit with my legs straight (hip won't let me) let alone do the pike stretch. Warming up and light mobility work (swivel hips) helps with the pain, but not in a long run. Anyone has any experience with this? I've seen the doctor, he prescribed me pain meds and sent me to orthopedics, who sen't me to neurology in local hospital. They told me that i maybe have pinched nerve (well thanks, google told me that) and prescribed me another pain meds and told me to apply cold or heat I'm trying to make an appointment with physio, but i have to wait week or two before he's available. Thanks
  8. I have been doing bodyweight exercises seriously for about 4-5 months now, and I’m just starting to experience pain in my right forearm. Below are the exercises I’m doing. Planche progression (currently doing advanced tuck planche for sets of 5-10 seconds)Front lever progression (I guess I'm 1 or 2 months from performing a full front lever)Manna progression (just started on v-sits)OAC progression (currently doing sets of slow eccentric-OAC and can perform 3/4 of a OAC)My workouts consist of only 2 exercises every other day and some handstand work: Day 1 is planche+manna work. Day 2 is rest. Day 3 is front lever+OAC wrok. Day 4 is rest. Repeat.I only experience the pain in my right forearm. It feels like it's the bone in my forearm being pushed to its limit and not really something muscle/tendon related. The pain is located at the middle point between my elbow and wrist in my right forearm, on the ulna (the under forearm bone). The pain is strongest RIGHT after a set of planche, right when I release the hold. I feel nothing during the hold (maybe due to my mind being occupied with performing rather demanding exercise), but right after the hold I feel an intense pain in my forearm for a few seconds which is slowly replaced by a sore feeling. I also feel it (not as much though) when doing manna or handstand work. I searched Google and found this thread: http://forums.menshealth.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/64310347/m/5131018302 I believe I'm experiencing the same kind of pain as described by several others in that thread. What is this pain, and how should I proceed? Why do I not feel anything at all in my left arm? Thanks.
  9. Michael Morello

    Lower Back Pain

    Hey everyone, I have been doing gymnastics with you guys for about 4 months. I have a problem with my shoulders as it is right now and I don't know or understand why because some of my friends do handstands also and they do not have this type of pain. so I am asking when i do handstands like cast wall walks, handstands i get lower back pain or soreness. so is my form wrong on handstands? please help.
  10. Robert Simcox

    Lower Trap Pain With Hs

    I've upped my handstand training to 5 days a week for the last couple weeks, and have been making a lot of progression, but for the last two days, i've noticed some pain start to develop in what feels like near the insertion of the lower trap into the left scapula. The pain is made worse by bring my chin to my chest and stretching the back of my neck, I can also feel tightness when I protract. The pain isn't severe but there's certainly discomfort, for all I know it could be DOMS. It seems like kind of a weird place to get sore from HS work, so I'm going to take a few days off and see how everything feels then, I've spent some time with a lacrosse ball, but I can't seem to find any trigger points, or anything that feels like it's helping. Has anyone experienced this before? Again I've never been sore here from HS work before, so I just want to make sure everything's normal before I begin to train again.
  11. Robert Simcox

    Solution To Wrist Pain?

    I've always had fairly sensitive wrists, which for quite a while kept me from doing any kind of HS work. For some reason only wrist extension aggravated me though, I've always been able to do full wrist pushups with ease. About 4 months ago I found that if I actively engage my posterior forearm muscles while my wrist is in extension, it almost feels like it braces my wrists... after about a week of doing this all pain was gone and I was, and still am able to handstand to my hearts content. Just actively flexing my posterior forearm, and kind of rapidly bringing my wrist to extension throughout the day, especially pre-handstand, combined with all the basic wrist stretches have completely fixed my wrist pain. I've searched all over, and I've never heard of this method before. I've been rock climbing very regularly for the last two years which is obviously very anterior forearm dominant... Maybe I just had a muscular imbalance, and strengthening my posterior forearm balanced everything out? Anyways, I thought I would put this info out there for others who may be suffering from wrist pain, and I'm also curious if anyone could explain why this worked so well for me?
  12. Michael Taube

    Pain In Wrist

    Hey, the last three weeks I worked out 4 times a week with a steady state training cycle. For every FBEs session I worked on my FSPs. My schedule looks like this. FPEs: 10 sets of advanced frog stand, tucked l-sit, freestanding handstand (with wall) and straddle L on PB. Every set I start with frog stand, then l-sit, handstand, straddle l and I hold every position for 4 breaths wich is around 8s. After that I take a rest 45s and then I do the next set. I continue with that until I reach the 10th set. After that I take a two minute break. Then I do 5 sets of different FBEs with a maximum of 5 reps. For Day 1 it looks like this: 5 x 3 tuck front lever rows, 5 x 5 head bridges, 5 x 5 close fingertip pushups Day 2: 5x5 dead hang pullups, 5x5 pistols, 5x4 Dips Day 3: is the same like day 1 Day 4 is the same like day 2 Since my last workout I have pain in my right wrist. I know that I have done to much work. I want to know what to do now. Rest at first, okay. Should I quit my work on ore two of the FSPs or change my straddle L and L sit work to FL ans BL work?
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