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Cannot fully straighten my elbows (genetics)

Maćko Z Bogdańca

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Maćko Z Bogdańca



since i remember i've always had a little "rounded" arms (or maybe due to karate training since i was 8 to 16). I never considered it a thing to whine about but:

- how do i follow gymnastic bodies program when doing i.e. pseudo planche push-ups  or pseudo planche holds when having this issue?
When i get into push-up position my arms automatically "try" to have my elbow-joint-back facing outside of my body. So myquestion follows: should i try to twist arms so my front of the elbow joint faces forward (ahead of me) during pushups, planche-variations or just let them arch to the sides?

So far i've been trying to face them forward but eventually when i protract my scaps arms try to twist out.

I'd be very greatful for proffesional answer (no "maybies" or "perhapses")
cheers ;)

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