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Found 5 results

  1. Jared Vojik

    Handstand 1 Wrist Rehab

    Hello! I am requesting a bit of help. About a month and a half ago, I started having wrist and elbow pain after doing bar muscle ups. I believe it stemmed from using too much momentum and a lack of wrist mobility. For example, I can't even bring my wrists to a 90 degree angle (I'm almost there but not quite) without using an external object such as a wall. So far, I've rested my arms for a month while using ice and occasionally heat. For about three weeks now I've been using heat only. I've also been doing eccentric wrist curls for about two weeks with very low weight. I do not feel random pain anymore. The only time I feel pain or discomfort is occasionally when driving, lifting or carrying objects, and sometimes when drawing (I'm an artist). It occurs on the insides of my elbows. This pain, out of 10, is probably a 2 or 3. I would more so call it a brief discomfort at this point. Do you all believe that I can begin using Handstand One to rehab/strengthen my wrists and elbows? If not yet, when can I use Handstand One to start strengthening my wrists? Would it be beneficial to begin Foundations One? If you have any advice pertaining to my questions, please help me out! I also welcome any advice that you can offer that does not deal with F1 or H1. Thank you!
  2. Alexander Castiglione

    Tendonitis - Despite having strong base and skills

    Hi, New to the forum, but not new to the bodyweight movement world. I listened to Barbell Shrugged's podcast with Coach Sommer, and he briefly touched on tendonitis. I recently went to the orthapedist after I had recurring tightness and pain both inside and outside of the elbow joint. About 8 months ago it was real bad - with pain and tension radiating from my wrist to my lower bicep post WOD. I dialed it back, rested, iced and heated and it went away - admittedly i was doing a TON of volume - both oly lifting a gymnastic work (rather advanced gymnastic work by Crossfit standards with lots of levers, strict MUs, bar MUs and ice cream makers). Occasionally it rears its head. The doctor said rest as needed, and I definitely have mild tendonitis in my outer and inner elbow (the clinical term he used escapes me). Being that I Oly lift, crossfit, and rock climb - i expected some strain on my joints and tendons. In the podcast with coach Sommer, he said something to the effect of if you don't have the strength, you will develop tendonitis. My question is what else can i do? I am not a competitive gymnast, but a pretty strong bodyweight athlete. The PT i went to basically said get a FlexBar and use that 3x a week to strengthen the area - since I'm an athlete already, she couldn''t do much more than say rest and do rehab/prehab exercises. My baselines are as such: Max Pullups (Kipping): 62 Max Pullups (strict) 30-35 Angie: 9:54 Max Muscle Ups Unbroken: 15-17 Max Weighted muscle up (kipping) 22.5 lbs Max Strict MU weighted: 10lb Max Ring Dips: Haven't tested but I did 30 unbroken in a wod (without turnout) Max weighted ring dip: 75lbs Max Weighted ring pushupL 110lb + (couldnt safely test anymore) Max HSPU against Wall: over 20 Max Pushups: 93+ I can bang out legless rope climbs all day, even with a vest (this seems to aggravate my wrist and elbow the most if i don't warm up for a long time). I have a strong false grip, but with kipping MUs obviously I don't false grip more than 1 or 2 reps. I can pull explosively enough to transition and catch pretty high. What else can i do to battle tendonitis/strengthen the connective tissue? Any and all advice is appreciated. The physical therapist wasn't much help, and all the doctor did was prescribe me NSAIDs.... I'm trying to avoid injury. Maybe I just have to dial my training back, but i wanted to see if anyone had any ideas or a similar issue. I'm 29 y/o, about 150, 5'7", background in boxing but trained basically my whole life prior to starting crossfit in Feb 2012 doing strictly bodyweight movements. Thanks!
  3. Leonard Wuest

    Triceps and wrist tendonitis

    Hello Everyone, I want to start Foundation One, bought it and the progressions look great, but unfortunately I have preexisting injuries, which prevent me from starting it. 2-3 years ago I didn´t know much about bodyweight training and just immitated exercises I saw on youtube. I did a lot of clapping push ups and elbow levers (Of course bad form). I didn´t warm up, did it multiple times a day, no rest days. Very stupid. My wrists started to hurt (on the flexor side) but I pushed through the pain even, though they hurted pretty badly. It just was fun to do these exercises. What a mistake! Wall Pushups and Incline Pushups were good and my wrist pain vanished, but I never went past knee pushups. The pain came back. So I did push ups on the fists, which felt better I worked up to close push ups this way. I also worked with triceps extensions and tiger bend push ups, but these hurted my elbows (the triceps tendon). But I ignored the pain. I went to a couple of doctors, made x-rays and mri. They couldn´t see anything, except maybe a mild synovitis in the wrists. But the pain was there and I couldn´t even stand up, while pressing myself up with the palm. I can feel the pain in the tendons, so it´s probably chronic tendonitis (tendonosis). The doctors told me I should rest and don´t do any upper body training, even pullups hurted. So I rested, for 5 months now. The pain is still there. So I followed the advice, Massage of the muscles and light eccentrics/stretching. I´m also wearing wrist and elbow wraps to keep the tendons warm. I ´m not sure it´s the right thing to do. At least it doesn´t get worse from it (I think). My wrist injury happened now more than 2 years ago, but I didn´t rested it consequently back then. Triceps Injury was not longer than a year ago. Both weren´t really acute injuries or accidents, they got worse with the time and became chronic. What should I do for tendon rehab? I´m not able to do most of the first steps in foundation one, because of these chronic injuries. Should I rest even more? Any advice?
  4. Hi all, I'm thinking of purchasing F1 and H1, but have concerns about a shoulder injury. I'm 50 years old, and have spent the last year or so rehabbing some pretty bad rotator cuff tendonitis and biceps tendonitis (anterior shoulder pain). I've come a long way and for at least 9 months have been back to weightlifting, handstands, frog stands, front lever work, etc. The tendonitis is still there, but I'm learning to manage it. I'm told it will never heal completely mostly due to inadequate blood flow to those areas. My real concern is with dips. This post by Eric Cressey explains it very well: http://www.ericcressey.com/baseball-strength-training-programs-dips (That's me in the comments asking about muscle-ups, and being told directly to never do dips again.) Eric is generally very concerned about any movement that puts the elbow behind the body as this aggravates the anterior shoulder capsule. It's certainly a problem for me. Part of me is optimistic that with slow and proper progression I can get back to doing dips pain-free, but another part of me knows that is very unlikely. So, does F1 make any sense at all if one can't do dips? On the other hand, is F1 the real road to recovery?
  5. So I have wrist pain here under the wrist and I was wondering if anyone else have this kind of pain, the pain is not so bad and becomes more worse the longer I am in the handstand/pushup position (90 degree angle with hand and forearm) with my hand (only my right hand) I have had this for soon a year and rest doesn't help. I went to a chiropractor (i think it is called) well he said that it was my "flexor carpi radialis" (google it) that was short and when in pushup position with my hand it was getting irritated. He said that I needed to stretch and also some strenghtening of that muscle. I have done that for some time now and the pain is minimal but when I do a couple of pushups I don't feel it at first and then it starts to come slow. So anyone had any experience with this? is it tendonitis? if so what should I do? Should I just continue with the exercises because these things take time or am I doing it wrong? I am still training other things like pushups with handles on the ground because the chiropractor said that was safe because it is only when in that 90 degree position with the hands. I'm also doing pulling exercises like pullups and other stuff with bars and rings. (I don't feel any pain when doing stuff when I grip and for example do dips).
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