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Found 9 results

  1. Joseph Sarti 76096

    Annual Plan?

    Hello GB community, I have purchased many of the courses including stretch series, Handstand 1, Foundations 1-4 and fundamentals. My question is why would I choose to do the annual plan if I already own much of the content as described? I am completely open to subscribing to the annual plan if there is good reason beyond what I already have. Thank you, Joe
  2. I would like to read Coach Sommer posts on specific topics, for example, I found utterly useful his post on the wall facing handstand - it just changed the way I practiced the handstand. How can one search fro his posts? Or may be you could create a separate section on the Forum for that? Thanks a lot!
  3. Joshua Stevens

    Moving from GMB to GB

    I am physically fit in terms of stength and endurance however my mobility leaves something to be desired. I completed GMB Elements and Paralletes alongsidetheir stretching program but it left me feeling a little empty. The workouts aren’t that intense and I didn’t see heaps of progress. I don’t feel any better than I didn’t prior to starting these I am am keen to start on GB having purchased HS1 previously and hoping for feedback from others that moved from GMB? I also understand that F1 is the prerequisite for everything but is it likely I’ll find this a little slow and boring? Lastly is it vital for me to purchase a stretch program in order to see significant flexibility improvements in my hips and shoulders? If so, please advise.
  4. Ezra Richardson

    Hooked on H1

    Hi All! I wanted to share a clip because to me it represents a taste of the future. I've been with GB programming now for close to 6 months, had a 60 sec hs prior to beginning but since beginning have made leaps and bounds in terms of feeling. The combo of training is efficient and I've never felt more solid at hs in my life. Without training even H2 for press, I've been able to play with negatives and see what is to come. Comment freely!
  5. Jacob  Lindqvist

    Can I use this instead of parallel bar

    I am currently on the Foundation 1 program and there was a need for parallel bars. I am wondering if this can substitute them. Because I do not have access to parallel bars. Or do you recommend anything else?
  6. Hi GST - Can someone share the link to buy the foundation one + stretch package without re-purchasing the fundamentals course (which I've already bought)? It's the $495 option on the website. I saw a link here a couple of months ago, but have been searching the forum and am unable to find it. Many thanks! Julie
  7. Daniel Taylor-Shaut

    Weight lifting

    Not to infer that I'm in any way in a rush, but am wondering what the general suggestion is to safely add weights/weight lifting back into one's routine (whether with powerlifting lifts towards hypertrophy or with Olympic lifting lifts towards strength)? Obviously, I would assume that I would have to be on Foundation 4 or finished for my legs, because, duh. But what about other weighted work? Whether that means adding weight to the front lever, straddle planche, or rope climb, or doing the O-lifts: snatch, and clean&jerk; or the power lifts: bench, squat, and deadlift, what would @Coach Sommer or others, like @Luke Searra, suggest? Also, what would be the preferred approach: adding weight to the Foundation movements or incorporating stand-alone workouts with powerlifting or Olympic lifting lifts? Just curious as I do enjoy the "pump" I get after those exercises, but I'm still some ways away from being comfortable with my active and passive flexibility and range of motion (meaning they are all still lacking quite a lot).
  8. Hello! I've been doing kind of Btgb program for about a year. My main goal is the OAC and I'm quite close. I do 3x4 reps with 5kg asistant quite easy. I also train rope climbing twice a week (3 x 7m) and static positions. I love RC. I also have a static hansdtand for 15" and 1' in movement. I'm thinking about start with the F1 or F2, but I don't want to step back in RC or handstand because I love to train them. I read you have to follow the foundations exactly so I don't know what to do. I do planche, FL, BL progression, I like them but if I have never get the planche I really don't care. Can you help me with your advice? Thank you very much!!
  9. Does the foundation series include stretching or will i have to purchase that as well? Same goes for the handstand progressions? Are these all separate or if I purchase the foundations series, are they built into the program? Thanks, J
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