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Found 3 results

  1. Mouclier Victor

    Rear deltoid

    I hope everyone is spending a great summer ! I would like to know what is the ideal motion/exercice to work the rear deltoid (is it transverse abduction-extension ? shoulder extension ?) by this subject, i would like to read your thoughts and experiences about balance between front and rear deltoid. thanks in advance
  2. Swann BUTEL

    Maltese curiosity

    Hi every one, I ask myself about Maltese on rings... I work iron cross/ cross pull and straddle planche but i see many gymnast unable too perform a planche but very strong on maltese. So i decided too begin maltese work in addition to my planche training. Wich exercice is unavoidable for mastering maltese ? With wich exercice i can begin maltese ? I think one exercice for understand the body line like board press and one exercice for straight arm strenght like maltese press on low ring, maltese lean too maybe ? I can try just too support slowly lower to maltese many time ? should i work on isometric too with band ? My goal is perform maltese on iron cross trainer in 6 months, i can do 10 rep on maltese press on low rings with strap on wrist and hold maltese on board for some seconde. Thx a lot
  3. Daniel Taylor-Shaut

    Shoulder trouble

    My right shoulder, specifically the anterior deltoid causes me a lot of frustration. Pretty much every day it is sore and somehow achy. It could possibly be a strain. I can function with full ability to do RC, HBP, and sPL movements I'm working on; and have complete ROM in HS, however, shoulder flexion overhead and laterally to shoulder height cannot be accomplished pain-free. Also, when I work on HS/PE1-im, sometimes there is extensive discomfort, however as I focus on engaging my traps I don't feel it as much in the shoulder. I'm not sure if it's a bicep issue, which Coach has enumerated as being the root cause of a lot of shoulder issues, but I'm trying to get to the bottom of it. I'm wondering if anyone has any further insights. I try to do doorway hangs every day to loosen up the shoulder joint and keep it active and functioning (also deep yoga squats). If anyone has any advice on this issue, I would appreciate it. I currently throw in HBP stretches from Foundation 2 to help try and alleviate this discomfort, but if there were to be a worrying joint or ligament area this would be it. Everything else is progressing at its own speed and in its own time at a steady clip. Thanks
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