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  1. William Gripp

    Strange shoulder pain

    Hello everyone, It's been 3 months since I first noticed this pain in my shoulders. But before I talk about it I want to say that I've already did an MRI scan and it showed that nothing in the shoulder is damaged, and I have been visited by an osteopath and a physiotherapist which made me do some exercises (it didn't help). So the pain is basically a line between the middle and the rear deltoid, and I feel it most when doing exercises like HS push ups (and of course tuck planche push ups) and when I try to push the arm (being straight) laterally against a wall. The strange thing is that I feel the pain (for 3-4 seconds) AFTER I stop pushing...of course this also happens when I lift something up and then I release it. And I noticed it's painful when I try to stretch the infraspinatus by putting the hands on the hips and squeezing the elbows in but I don't know if that's related to the problem. Now it's been 3 months and it's still persistent I don't really know what to do and I hope someone here will be able to tell me what this type of pain is. Sorry for wasting your time but I tried a lot and it won't go away
  2. The last 6 months I've been upping my pull-up game and finally started weighted pull-ups. Not going too crazy so far, sets of 5-10 with 10kg hanging off me. No issues previously with close grip or medium grip pull-ups and chin-ups, but a few days ago I got a new bar that lets me do wide grip pull-ups. Wide grip only I seem to have a very "crunchy" shoulder. No pain, or even discomfort so far, but is this something I should be concerned about? If so can I do anything about it, or shall I just avoid wide grip? Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  3. Kutay Serova

    Frontal Shoulder Injury and Front Lever?

    I just injured my frontal shoulder (anterior deltoid) in Planche Leans. I was wondering that can I continue Front Lever training while it heals. The pain is only during the front raising movement under the horizontal. If I start raising my arm to the front, the pain is only around the "planche lean angle" that I was training, above the horizontal isn't affected. It's only in the frontal plane, it moves easily in every other plane. I have stopped all horizontal pushing exercises for at least a week. My question is can I train Front Lever and (probably not but I'm asking anyway) Handstand without aggravating the injury?
  4. Michael Zeiters

    Shoulder Pain During Dips

    Hello everyone, about a years ago I hurt my right shoulder bench pressing and it has never been the same. I went to the doctor and he gave me a few rehab exercises to do with a 5 pound dumbbell along with the advise that I should never do any kind of overhead or incline pressing because it is bad for the shoulder . I did the exercises for 3 months or so with out any change. During that time I didn't workout at all and tried to rest. About 3 months ago I started doing calisthenics with some front lever and handstand training. My shoulder still bugs me but not really any pain. There is a lot of "popping sounds" though. The only exercise where it hurts bad is at the bottom part of the dip when my arm hits 90 degrees. The pain is in my front delt, the inside of my shoulder an inch or so behind my front delt, the back of my shoulder, and along the side of my trap where it runs close to the shoulder. Before and after every workout I perform Ido Portal's shoulder routine and do a few different shoulder stretches that Joshua Naterman showed on his YouTube channel. Please help me figure out what is wrong!
  5. Cud

    Handstand training

    Hi all. I'm currently learning how to do a handstand I use the wall as spotter. My max hold is 8 sec. But I'm unable to do a handstand push-up so how can I manage my trainings. How many sets and reps of negative HeSPU or box HeSPU should I do to begin. I'm able to hold a tuck planche for almost 20 sec and a headstand for 15 sec. Sorry for my poor english
  6. Hi! Today my shoulder dislocated during training for the second time since starting F1. My routine is as laid out in the book. 4-5 days a week. I'm on Pe1 on most movements. The first time was this Thursday (less then three days ago) which I also followed up with 20 minutes of handstand and 40 minutes of weightlifting focusing on the shoulder area. The focus if the weightlifting is to a some mass to my shoulders, especially the back and around the scapulae to improve my posture and add some cushioning to rolls on hard ground (Parkour). After I was done, stretching and all, I thought I´d be a good boy and do some wall stretches (back flat against wall, arms perpendicular to the floor, 90 degree bend in the elbows, back of hands against wall and move hands up and down.) I barely placed my elbows on the wall and rotated my arms up against the wall before my shoulder popped with some crunching sounds in the shoulder socket. It popped back after a few seconds. The second time was today, Sunday. Again my F1/Pe1 workout done. Followed it up with some rehab exercises from Dieselcrew (search on youtube of interested) Cuban rotations 2x 12-15 Band external rotation 2x 12-15 Band pullapart 2x 12-15 Band pulldown behind neck 2 x 12-15 Band dislocations 2 x 12-15 After that I started practising handstands. After one 30 sec hold I dropped back. Felt good. Rested a minute or so, and just stretched my hands down out my sides, feeling a little tight in chest. POP! There went my shoulder for a trip once again! This is SO FRUSTRATING! Especially since I'm actually doing rehab-exercises reguarly! I have a history of shoulder dislocations, I've probably had over 30 incidents during the last 12 years. Thats why my shoulder can pop back again after a few second, but believe me, these are full luxations. Since december 2012 I´ve been really good at doing my oh so boring rehab exercises, and above all, I´ve started implementing Bent-over side laterals with 2-5 kg dumbells for 15-20 repetitions for 2-4 sets every weightlifting session and my shoulders have felt amazingly stable! I've been dislocationfree since august 2012. Before starting training with gymnastics. I like gymnastic training, I love handstand training. But obviously this programming doesn´t cut it for my unstable right-shoulder. I need advice on what to do. I believe that my chest and front of my body is much stronger than my rear delts and scapulae muscle and therefore, need a different kind of ratio of pressing (SpL, HbP) to pulling (RC) exercises. Also, any advice on how to implement handstand practise? Now I'm doing face to wall-handstands.
  7. joshbailey

    Shoulder tightness?

    Whenever I do the stretch that involves placing your elbow up in the air and pulling on it with the other arm behind your head I can never manage to get both arms behind my head. I have been doing a lot of hand stands every day since 2001 and have large shoulders and upper back muscles. Is it shoulder tightness that prevents me from getting my arms behind my head or is it the fact that my large upper back muscles and shoulders simply cannot budge against each other. I have been practising to do a 'hollow back' bboy move but this disadvantage is restricting me big time. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  8. Larry Roseman

    Shoulder rehab

    Having some sholder pain during pull-up motion, so cut those out for now. My right tricep and various parts of the inner arm has lots of knots and trigger points so am going to work that out first. The shoulder pain could be referred from this. All other motion is fine. What do you guys think of this approach for rehab and general shoulder strengthening?
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