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Found 2 results

  1. John Everingham

    TFCC Tear, Prolotherapy?

    So I messed up big time. To make a long story short I was an idiot and tried to train around wrist pain. While it didn't hurt while training it slowly got worse over time and now 7 months later I am still trying to recover from a tfcc tear that occurred as result of poor decisions. I haven't done a handstand in 5 months (for 2 months I kept trying to see if it was better, not smart) and while most of the pain is gone while doing normal activities my wrist still feels unstable and I suspect it will come back if I try to resume training. I was thinking about trying prolotherapy but I do not know if it will help see as if my tfcc was going to heal completely I think it may have done so by now. I still have popping and cracking in my wrist so I am pretty sure the tear is still there just the inflammation has dissipated somewhat. Has anyone had any success with prolotherapy for healing a tear that just wont seem to get better? Are there any other treatments I can try other than PT, which I am currently doing. Is there any hope that I can eventually master the foundations series with my wrist in this condition?
  2. Maxim Berman

    Training with labrum tear in hip?

    Dear folks at GB, I am writing because i need some advice. I am used to working out a lot but am troubled with an injury and i dont know what the best way is to start working out again. Around a year ago i started getting hip pains following an ankle sprain. After long sessions at the fysiotherapist i was referred to the hospital to get an mri done and they discovered a tiny tear in my labrum. So tiny that i do not think they will want to operate. The advice i was given in relation to working out was that i had to improve my flexibility and strength in the hip region (im very tight in my lower body). Right now i have pain with sit ups with my legs locked, leg raises, etc. Also, my hip mobility is terrible. You hear a lot of clicking noises from shifting tendons i believe. Do you think i could follow this program to improve these issues or you not recommend it? I just bought the fundamentals package and intend to follow it fo a week to find out if my hip can take it. Do you have any tips or experience/advice you could give on gaining hip flexibility with an injury like this? In the long run i intend to add swim training so i can work on my cardio too. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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