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Found 3 results

  1. Mark Lucas

    Military fitness maintenance

    GST is my top health-fitness priority after identifying mobility/joint weakness following painful SI joint sprain while serving in Korea over the spring. Injury has healed after rest/physical therapy. I started Fundamentals this week. Plan on progressing through Foundations before I start any additional training. I have an army physical fitness test APFT(pushups, situps, 2mile run) in September. How do you recommend maintaining strength in those exercises while beginning GST? I'm willing to sacrifice my APFT score to ensure I conduct GST appropriately, but I would love to maximize my test results.
  2. Alexander Castiglione

    Wrist prep exercises - how often?

    Hey, I'm been doing some wrist strengthening exercises (Wrist pushups, fingertip walks etc) and i was wondering how often you guys train them? They are helping immensely, but I have a tendency to overdo things, and want to avoid that, especially with a movement thats supposed to be pre-hab. I've been doing them about 3 times a week, sometimes I do some wrist pushups or walks to warm up before I do some ring or planche work.
  3. Hi i have snapping triceps/ subluxation of the ulnar nerve during pushups when my hands are pronated and i descend into the bottom of a pushup. When my elbows flare out its bad. I have been putting my hands at 10 and 2 which seems to release some of the tension on the nerve but not completely. Would fully supinated hands make a difference? Its an odd tingling sensation not pain more like somebody hits your funny bone. As a warmup before my routine i do l-sits, handstands, the novel elbow series, and ido portals scapular mobilization band routine. I started doing a few ulnar nerve glides but i haven't seen much progress and I'm absolutely not interested in surgery. Any personal experience with improving this annoying situation is helpful.
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