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Found 2 results

  1. Hi i have snapping triceps/ subluxation of the ulnar nerve during pushups when my hands are pronated and i descend into the bottom of a pushup. When my elbows flare out its bad. I have been putting my hands at 10 and 2 which seems to release some of the tension on the nerve but not completely. Would fully supinated hands make a difference? Its an odd tingling sensation not pain more like somebody hits your funny bone. As a warmup before my routine i do l-sits, handstands, the novel elbow series, and ido portals scapular mobilization band routine. I started doing a few ulnar nerve glides but i haven't seen much progress and I'm absolutely not interested in surgery. Any personal experience with improving this annoying situation is helpful.
  2. I've been doing a lot of reading on older threads and have a few questions. Lately I've been going back to basics for chin-ups/pull-ups. For chin-ups on a bar, I can fully retract / depress at the top and hold this position with my lower chest / upper stomach touching the bar. However, when I try to do this with a pull-up on a bar, I cannot do so; I can only reach mid-chest and cannot touch the bar. At first I thought this was due lack of strength, but then I noticed something; at the top position in a pull-up grip, my wrist naturally wants to rotate outwards into a more "neutral" grip pull-up. Thus, if I actually try to do full ROM and fully retract, my elbows don't like it. Do any of you guys have this problem? Do you think it's because I have a weakness, or perhaps I have an internal rotation / mobility issue? I was planning to add basic ring / bar horizontal rows focusing on full retraction, and build up from there. Just to clarify, this is without a false grip. When I use a false grip, I seem to be able to fully retract to my lower chest (although this may only be because the bar is 2-3" lower on my wrist with a FG). Thanks.
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