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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all, I'm building a new routine and I'd like to know what do you think about it : It's a Pull/Push routine with push Monday and Thursday and pull Tuesday and Friday. Every workout start with skill work (Handstand work, straight-arm press, bent-arm press, and Manna work). Push days : X*X Tuck Planche hold 3*X Wall HeSPU (or HSPU/Free HeSPU) 3*X Ring Dips 3*X Tuck PPU 2*Max "Superman" (for lower back, I don't know if I must do it) Leg work (with SLS, BW Hamstring curls, calf raises) Pull Days : X*X Tuck Front Lever (or Adv. Tuck FL) 3*X Ring L-Pullups (or Ring Wide Pullups) 3*X Tuck FL Pullups (or Adv. Tuck FL Pullups) Grip work Leg work (like the push day) (Sorry for my english ) Thanks for your advices and criticisms Have a nice day !
  2. i have read the book and now am making a work out split because i have not gained enough strength for the workouts. my split is Monday-warm up with elastic bands for shoulder ,inverted row 3x10, front lever hold normally around 25 seconds tucked, pull ups 5x5. no back lever because my protraction is far more developed than retracted. (also i need help with my front lever and more exercises to strengthen it) Tuesday -warm up , leg workout- front squat heavy ranges from 8 sets and to 2-5 reps, reversed curls with elastic bands( can not do with body weight yet) (switches off from also 10 sets of 8 to 10 reps for speed work) also some good mornings 5 sets of 10 (max front squat is 205) i haven't done percentages yet because my energy levels have been all over the place so i go as i feel. Wednesday- stretch and rehab for shoulder Thursday- deadlift- heavy same with front squats about 8 sets 2-5 reps.reverse curls 5 sets of 10. Friday- sprints 6 sets of 50 meters 4 sets of 40 meters (max) Saturday- same as Monday working on front lever because back lever is on straddle and front lever is not even parallel to the ground and tucked really. every day i do handstand work just just couple of kick up into handstand into wall and then balance. (also use handstands in my warm up)( i hurt my shoulders in a handstand i do not understand why but now i have a popping sound in my shoulders when ever i do pull up or raise me arm above my head, does not hurt though) can you guys tell me if this is over working out and yes once i am able to do a handstand on the rings and front lever and back lever and muscle up i will then work on the WOD but right now this is how i thought i should make my workouts because well i am still new and i have gotten injured twice by handstands so i am little confused about them still. also you can change what ever you want i just want to get stronger and have a better all around functional and stronger look physique.
  3. Joshua Slocum

    Wod Questions

    I have a few quick questions about the WOD's. I apologize if these questions have been answered elsewhere; I couldn't find them in the FAQ, and I didn't find much when searching the forums. - Should the WOD's be performed before or after skill/event work? - How long should the WOD take in general? Looking at the past few, it looks like the target is about 30 minutes. Is that correct? - How difficult should the WOD be? Should I try to be working at near-maximum capacity? Or a more moderate intensity level? Should I feel fatigued afterwards, or energized?
  4. Clément POIRET

    Gb Wod For Earn Muscle Mass

    Hello all Well, I have a question, I will have rings and parallettes. I also have all the books of Vass TheSuperSaiyan, Overcoming Gravity, Convict Conditioning (1,2 SuperFAQ), and Building The Gymnastic Body, Raising The Bar (by Al Kavadlo) strengt Training Anatomy (by Frederic Delavier) Lafay methods and various books of Turbulence Training. I read most of these books and they all converge to almost the same type of WOD. However, even if I have more than a year of experience, having been assisted by the method Lafay does not help me to know how to design my own WOD correctly so I turned to the WOD of GymnasticBodies. Are they good for earn muscle mass ? thank you, Clement. PS : Sorry for my English, I'm French
  5. Michael Morello

    Help Me With My Workouts.

    Hi i am a beginner i started about 4 mouths ago and have been doing very well in my opinion i do these 4 static hold right now BL- full almost just tried today got maybe a full second of it. but relatively a good 20 sec straddle FL- not so good, still tucked for about 25 sec and trying to do volume on it L sit- 18 seconds ring support (arms straight and locked out)- not that well ether about 15 seconds. now my workouts-because i can not do the full workouts yet because i am working off of a pull up bar with my gymnastic rings hanging from them i can only do dips really and pull ups. so can do progress in back lever and front lever until i have the full FL and BL and just work on my pulling and pushing such as in dips and for pulling i can do pull ups. also i am working on handstands everyday and handstand press to PL (tucked) so basically i need help understanding the WOD because i don't understand the entirely. or can someone give me a youtube channel the does the workouts so i can see and follow of they are done. i know how to scale down the movements for my strength level because that is fairly simple. i am still very confused about the workouts and how to do them. can anyone comment on what i am doing and tell me if this is a good start for 4 months. ( i transferred from bodybuilding/ power lifting to this) and i like this more somewhat because it basically evened me out and i just like change so if anyone can help me in anyway i would defiantly appreciate it. (i am 17 years old and i weigh 180)( and about 12% BF)
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