5 Effective Moves To Boost Your Gym Routine

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates an L-sit, a body weight exercise that addresses the core, shoulders, and legs.

Add these exhilarating new twists to your favorite gym routine and unleash your true strength! These exercises will ramp up your gains while expanding your functional toolset of impressive bodyweight skills. The L-sit This killer core exercise (shown above) is one of the most popular core strength moves out there! In fact, the L-sit position is

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Avoid Workout Sabotage! How to Break Plateaus and Maximize Your Strength Gains

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates how weighted pancake side reps can build obliques for a more stable core.

  Imagine this … day in and day out, you are working hard and putting some serious effort into your bodyweight training. You put your best into each and every workout, but you can’t help feeling that you’re coming up short when it comes to making gains. There’s no way to foresee where you’ll be

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The Secret Weapon for Your PhD in Bodyweight Training: Top Resources for Success

GymnasticBodies coach demonstrates proper bridge form.

Let’s go behind the scenes of the astounding results from our students and learn their secrets. A lean physique, six-pack abs, and inconceivable levels of strength are just a few of the many benefits. Their secret weapon? GymnasticBodies system of Gymnastic Strength TrainingTM and all the assets that come with it. Our support system is

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No Brain, No Gain: Coach Sommer’s Guide to Achieving Athletic Excellence

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates how body weight can build upper body and core control in a straddle planche.

The “no pain, no gain” approach to your physical training should be immediately tossed out and replaced with “no brain, no gain”. The problem with this outdated training philosophy is that die-hard fitness fanatics often use this reasoning as an excuse to push themselves to the extreme, even at the expense of their most valuable asset:

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Top Notch Training Revealed: Extraordinary Work Capacity Yields Colossal Strength Gains!

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates upper body and core strength with a side lever.

Have you earned the right to workout with intensity? Unleash your hidden potential for unbelievable strength and physical expression! With consistency, patience, and an unrivaled training program, you can begin making substantial progress with your training. At the core of GymnasticBodies Training is an incredible amount of high-quality training in a set period of time.

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Master Your Bodyweight in 4 Not So Easy Steps

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates how body weight can build upper body and core control in a hollow back press.

Do you lack talent? Or are you simply lacking the right tools? Most people have the work ethic but don’t have the correct progressions. The secret to fast-tracking your strength and mobility progress will be with a straightforward and thoroughly vetted GymnasticBodies system by your side. Think of it this way: champions do not take

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Train Smarter, Not Harder: Remain Injury Free

GymnasticBodies female athlete demonstrates upper body and core strength with a back lever from rings.

Falling victim to injury is never fun and can put a serious damper on your Gymnastic Strength TrainingTM progress. Without a doubt, nothing will put a halt to your strength development faster than joint or muscle pain. The good news is, that by building a solid foundation you will have a much greater chance of

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Couples Who Workout Together, Stay Together

GymnasticBodies athletes who work out with their partners can encourage each other as a team.

Skip the drinks and work out with your partner instead! Try these fun bodyweight exercises inspired by our love of Gymnastic Strength Training with your gym partner or better half! Get Your Hearts Racing Start off the workout with some cardio by going for a jog, bike ride, jump rope, or performing jumping jacks. These

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Crank Up The Heat On Your Warm-Up Routine!

GymnasticBodies warmup routine for limbering and joint prehab.

You’ve been crushing your workouts, but what about your warm up? There are plenty of excuses for skimping on this important component: fear of fatigue, crunched for time, or unsure of what to do! Put your excuses aside because a proper warm-up will increase your gains and could even help you break through that plateau

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Tim Ferriss Features Coach Sommer in His New Book, Tools of Titans

GymnasticBodies athlete Tim Ferriss works on false grip with Coach Christopher Sommer.

New York Times best-selling author Tim Ferriss has just released a new book titled Tools of Titans, in which he profiles the tips and tricks of many high-achieving, elite individuals from a wide variety of disciplines and activities, including the founder of GymnasticBodies, Coach Christopher Sommer. Ferriss and Coach Sommer have been working together since Tim reached

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