Why to Keep Your Workouts Short, Sweet, and Frequent

GymnasticBodies works best with a consistent schedule, assuring you focus on a well-rounded body routine.

Balancing your training and recovery for greater gains is the key to long-term success with any strength training program. One of the easiest ways to increase your progress and keep your body primed to train is by properly regulating the length and frequency of your workouts. Ensuring you push hard enough to make progress while

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Jiu-Jitsu: Lessons from the Floor

GymnasticBodies athlete uses his strength and flexibility gains in other activities, such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, BJJ for short, just may be the one size fits all approach to health and fitness. Men, women, and children of all ages are now training jiu-jitsu as a way to get in amazing shape while learning the safest, most effective methods of martial arts. Find out why this art

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Do You Have What It Takes To Achieve Greatness? Create Your Own Success Story.

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates shoulder mobility and core strength with a tuck handstand.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. True, but there is more to it than simply working hard. Take a minute and grab a pen and paper. You are about to learn what it really takes to achieve greatness. If you had to choose one,  would you pick having talent at birth or

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Where True Strength Lies (A Lesson In Acceptance)

GymnasticBodies female athletes demonstrate core strength and shoulder strength with single arm planks.

“What are your strengths?” We’ve most likely heard this in job interviews and when it comes to fitness, it’s your strengths that get all of the attention. Well, that is all about to change! In the world of Gymnastic Strength Training (GST), the only way to make progress is to strengthen your weaknesses. Is it

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Streamline Your Workouts AND Get the Most out of Them!

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates all around body strength and control with a handstand pushup.

Yes! Working out CAN be simple with the right tools. Incorporate these three tactics in your exercise program and your body will thank you. Gymnastic Strength TrainingTM focuses on increasing mobility and strength throughout your body in a balanced fashion. This, in turn, prevents injury while maximizing progress. Ensuring these strategies are included in your exercise routine

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Building Foundational Strength: 5 Tips for Success

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates core, shoulder, arm, lat, and hip strength in a side lever progression.

The road to incredible upper body strength will undoubtedly result in killer party tricks, 6-pack abs, and ridiculous power. What may surprise you though, is that with the proper progressions you can free your body of unwanted stiffness, increase your strength, and develop surprising levels flexibility at the same time! Sure, when you think of complete upper

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Your Functional Fitness Test: See What You’re Really Made of with These 3 Moves

GymnasticBodies female athlete demonstrates how to work all sides of your core by transitioning from hollow body hold, to side hollow, to arch hold.

Are you ready to put your shoulder mobility, core strength, and hamstring flexibility to the test? These fun, straightforward exercises will help you to uncover imbalances, hidden muscle tension, and inefficient movement patterns! Strength and flexibility won’t be the only assets required to pass… you’ll also need a body that is capable of moving well.

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Home Gym Essentials: A Minimalist Guide to Home Training

GymnasticBodies female athlete works out from home.

How awesome would it be to turn your home into a state-of-the-art training facility? A fully-furnished home gym, equipped with everything you need to get into phenomenal shape. Chances are, you already have everything you need to tone up your shoulders, arms, and legs–sculpt yourself a rockin’ set of abs and craft a magnificent physique

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Forget Every Fitness Challenge You’ve Tried: Complete These 4 Movements

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates how to increase shoulder mobility with a modified crab walk.

Here's the ultimate exercise challenge, designed to test your full capability of being truly, undeniably fit. No, it’s not squatting twice your bodyweight, timed runs, or pull-ups. At GymnasticBodies, we know that true fitness is actually linked to your mobility. Being able to move through full ranges of motion is a better indicator of your overall

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Turn Average Physical Abilities into Astonishing Results

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates top support on the rings while in straddle.

Prepare yourself to embark on a journey to a place where people of all shapes and sizes exhibit superhuman strength and elastic flexibility. In the world of Gymnastic Strength TrainingTM, you will find that even average, everyday people can transform themselves into the strongest, most powerful athletes on planet earth. In this world of remarkable

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