Hips 101: Loosen This 1 Critical Area BEFORE Stretching Hip Flexors

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates a standing hip flexor stretch.

Stretching out tight hip flexors gets PLENTY of hype, but don’t be fooled! A critical step is most likely being skipped before the proper treatment of your hip flexors is addressed. We’re going to give you the openers you seek, but not before we prime your hips to absorb all the love you’re trying to […]

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A Quick and Easy Fix For Tight Adductors

GymnasticBodies exercises balance larger muscle building with stabilizing muscles that create a systemically healthy athlete.

Having tight and restricted hips is an issue many adults experience in our modern world; desk jobs, hours of sitting, driving or remaining in one position keep us from experiencing full daily mobility. But what many of us don’t think about, is that much of this restriction is actually coming from the groin and inner […]

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Forget Every Fitness Challenge You’ve Tried: Complete These 4 Movements

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates how to increase shoulder mobility with a modified crab walk.

Here’s the ultimate exercise challenge, designed to test your full capability of being truly, undeniably fit. No, it’s not squatting twice your bodyweight, timed runs, or pull-ups. At GymnasticBodies, we know that true fitness is actually linked to your mobility. Being able to move through full ranges of motion is a better indicator of your overall […]

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GymnasticBodies HIIT Interval Workout


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Hang on For Your Health With These Simple Drills

Couple hangs for their health on the pull-up bar.

Imagine how your body would feel with confident posture and open shoulders and hips. If you ever experience tension headaches, neck stiffness, or lower back discomfort, the aforementioned attributes might seem more like a dream than a reality. But if there was a simple drill you could do that would have big benefits noticeable throughout […]

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Workout Anywhere

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Compound Movements

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Building Your Arsenal: 5 Exercises for Bulletproof Knees

Athlete holds knee in pain because he didn't prehab them with GymnasticBodies progressions.

  Let’s face it—injuries suck! There’s nothing worse than being limited to the things you can and can’t do by your own body. It’s frustrating and straight-up annoying! But sometimes it seems like there’s no way to avoid them—as if certain injuries, aches, and pains are bound to happen at one point or another. As […]

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Jonathan Wong Weightlifting Champion

What exactly has Jonathan done that has yielded such grand results? According to him, GB courses have helped him prepare his body for the rigorous work of lifting. As a result, his joints stopped aching, and he reached his best numbers, even in the midst of a busy competition season. “Lifting is a different kind […]

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3 Simple Moves for Healthy and Strong Hip-Flexors

Female GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates a hip flexor lunge stretch.

Imagine that you no longer feel tightness in your lower back and you can participate in sports, intense training, and all the life pleasures more fully. Very often, the culprit to achy and tight lower back problems could be what you least expect – your hip-flexors are holding you back. If you’ve ever suffered from […]

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3-2-1, Slow Down Tempo to Speed Up Gains

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates a hold at the bottom of a push-up for more strength gains.

Have you hit a plateau with your strength training? Is an exercise in your programming straggling behind? Pump up your strength and muscle growth with this easy to implement change! One simple adjustment to your tempo can make even the easiest exercises stimulating again. Try this to keep the gains coming! By adding tempo changes to the […]

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Strength Training Tools to Level Up Your Workout

GymnasticBodies gear being used by strong GB Athletes.

Gymnastics Strength Training, or GST, uses a number of tools that when included properly into your training can provide a tremendous boost in strength and mobility gains. Wikipedia defines bodyweight strength training as training that uses only the body for resistance. While this is partially true, do not make the mistake of thinking that you […]

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Use L-Sits to Sculpt Your Body from the Ground Up

GymnasticBodies athlete shows off her core strength with an L-sit hold.

These days, social media is filled with pictures and videos of people performing impressive stunts and mind-blowing body maneuvers of all sorts. Sometimes, it seems almost impossible to scroll through your news feed without running into a post featuring someone on a beach somewhere doing a crazy exercise routine. While these social media shares are […]

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Training for Climbing: Upgrade Your Cross-Training with These 4 Gymnastic Workouts

GymnasticBodies athlete performs a side lever twist for rock climbing training.

If you’re serious about training for climbing then this workout guide is for you. Hell, even John Gill, the father of modern bouldering, credits his inspiration and incredible climbing strength to his gymnastics background, and we could all use more strength and power for our projects. In just 4 steps, we’re about to turn the […]

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Life as A Junior Olympic Athlete: Living the GB Philosophy

GymnasticBodies athlete's progression through his gymnastic training career.

As GymnasticBodies has grown in popularity, more and more people have questioned what it was like to be one of Coach Sommer’s original athletes. The truth is, anyone who has attended a GB seminar can tell you first-hand what training under Coach is like. In fact, many current GB students have stated that their own […]

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Sculpt Your Arms With Bodyweight Tricep Training

GymnasticBodies athlete performs bench dips, an exercise for tricep hypertrophy.

When working to develop a super strong upper body, don’t forget about the triceps! We wrote a previous article about bicep training, so had to follow it up with one to reach the other half. If you want to develop the strongest arms, using bodyweight-based exercises and techniques, then you came to the right place. […]

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Forget Valentine’s Day – Show Yourself Some Love

GymnasticBodies athlete enjoys Valentine's Day in the snow.

All kinds of love are worthy of being celebrated, that is for sure! We always try our best to show affection for our loved ones, whether they be our friends, families, or partners, but sometimes forget about to show the same care to ourselves. But, just as you show up show up for plans you […]

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Dissolving The Divide Between Stretching and Mobility Training

GymnasticBodies athlete performs weighted mobility shoulder extension drills.

How would you explain the relationship between flexibility and mobility? Are they one in the same? Maybe they are polar opposites, two distinctly different areas within the vast realm of the fitness world. If you’ve been confused by the two, let us help smooth things out. Get our take on the matter of stretching vs […]

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