Climber’s Guide: A Gymnastics Cross-Training Toolkit

GymnasticBodies athlete trains his core for rock climbing training.

If you’re serious about training for climbing then this quick guide is for you. Hell, even John Gill, the father of modern bouldering, credits his inspiration and incredible climbing strength to his gymnastics background, and we could all use more strength and power. In 4 easy steps, we’re about to turn the average train-for-climbing gumby

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Forget Valentine’s Day – Show Yourself Some Love

GymnasticBodies athlete enjoys Valentine's Day in the snow.

All kinds of love are worthy of being celebrated, that is for sure! We always try our best to show affection for our loved ones, whether they be our friends, families, or partners, but sometimes forget about to show the same care to ourselves. But, just as you show up show up for plans you

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Dissolving The Divide Between Stretching and Mobility Training

GymnasticBodies athlete performs weighted mobility shoulder extension drills.

How would you explain the relationship between flexibility and mobility? Are they one in the same? Maybe they are polar opposites, two distinctly different areas within the vast realm of the fitness world. If you’ve been confused by the two, let us help smooth things out. Get our take on the matter of stretching vs

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Get a Grip: 5 Minute Forearms

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrated grip strength, core control, and upper body mobility with an undergrip dead hang.

Your wrists work hard, day in and day out. – and you may not even realize all they help you accomplish in everyday activities and fitness pursuits alike. Fun fact: your grip strength is one of the best indicators of how strong your entire body is since so many exercises and daily tasks involve the

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2 Minute Test To Give Your Handstand a Lift

2 Minute Test To Give Your Handstand a Lift 1

There are no shortages of tips and tricks that are super helpful to you while you work on perfecting or adjusting your handstand line. If you want to improve your upside-down shape for maximum benefits, we’ve got a simple tried and true exercise that gives you noticeable benefits. Whether you are working towards better skill

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Back to Basics: Timeless Moves For a Healthy, Strong Back

GymnasticBodies shows off her back muscles built by bodyweight GST.

Let’s start with the basics! Your backbone is the pillar of your body, holding you up and keeping you going strong. Many muscles, both large and small, help break up your back’s workload. Attending to these muscles not only makes you look F-I-N-E from behind, but also promotes healthy postures, increases the ranges in which

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Loosen Up: 3 Tips for Healthier Shoulders

GymnasticBodies Athlete performs a shoulder mobility exercise for improved quality of life.

As adults, we tend to settle for whatever “natural limitations” life throws at our bodies. We’ve been taught that getting stiff and achy is a part of life – and aging – that we all need to accept—but we don’t! Your joints tighten up when they are not being used enough, or if they are

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Bodyweight Biceps: Train For Sculpted Arms

GymnasticBodies female athlete demonstrates a pull-up progression with rings.

What says, “Hey, I like to workout” more than a set of muscular and defined arms? Rather than doing bicep curls on the regular, let’s try something that’ll get you better results in a shorter period of time. In this two-part series, we will be showing you how to completely transform your upper half. This

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Fluid, Full Body Movement: Train Strength and Mobility, Together

Fluid, Full Body Movement: Train Strength and Mobility, Together 2 Graceful and dream-like, Daniel is a picture of what a motivated adult can do with our courses. He articulates his movements in ways that make you wonder over the fact that he didn't start training with GymnasticBodies until he was 40 years old. Daniel is thorough, however, and he methodically addressed every basic exercise

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Your Body Deserves Full Functionality: 3 Exercises to Give it to You

Female GymnasticBodies athlete builds her upper body strength with a chin hang from the GB Foundation Series.

What does it mean to be functional? For some, it means having the strength to lift heavy things without collapsing to the ground. For others, it’s being able to slice and dice through a field of defenders. For you, it may be something completely different. Suppose you wanted to improve your functional capabilities so that you

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