How to Stay Fit During the Holidays When All You Want is Pumpkin Pie

GymnasticBodies athletes don't have to skip the pie.

For fitness guru and novice gym-goer alike, the holiday season carries many delicious meals, soul-loving family time, and a slight underlying anxiety about losing gains and undoing all the hard work you’ve put in over the warmer months. While it’s normal to feel this way, it doesn’t have to be difficult to keep in shape

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Fix Chronically Tight Shoulders with the Cat Stretch

tight shoulders

Cats are known to be one of the most agile animals on their feet. It’s no surprise that they would have an exercise named after them that opens tight shoulders. The cat stretch is one of the best weapons to combat a tight chest and upper back, making it a great exercise option to add

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Get Stronger Hips with Active Mobility Training

stronger hips

If you want stronger hips, you're going to want to learn about active mobility. Our hips are powerhouses, helping us through virtually every lower body movement and providing stability for us in upper body exercises as well. With so much power, comes responsibility, as in you have to take care of them! Our daily sitting

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Joint Prep for Skiers: 3 Exercises to Dominate Your Season

joint prep

As summer winds to a close, with cooler days and longer nights, we have just one thing on our minds: hitting the slopes! There’s nothing quite like waking up to some fresh powder and heading to the mountain. The winter adventures await, but is your body ready for it? Joint prep is important for skiers, especially

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Body Awareness: Good Form Leads to Extraordinary Strength

body awareness

The basics of strength training seem simple at first: you exercise hard, get sweaty, breathe heavy, and get stronger. But we all know it’s not that easy. Body awareness is key to utilizing the right muscles to build the right strength to do the things we have fun doing. It's a science! And the better you

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Resistance Bands to Mobilize and Release Tight Shoulders

resistance bands tight shoulders

Most of us carry the weight of the world on one body part. If you guessed shoulders, congratulations, you’re a human being! Our shoulders can fall victim to a lot of tension and stiffness, whether it be from carrying stress or carrying a toddler. All of us can work to improve our range of motion

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A Powerful Full Body Stretch in One Move

full body stretch

Have you been searching for a multipurpose, full body stretch you can easily add into your routine? One that works to stretch and lengthen the tendons, muscles, and ligaments from your heels to your thoracic spine? We’ve got a secret tip: no matter what type of workout you engage in, there is one easy-to-execute stretch

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3 Bodyweight Exercises to Maximize Your Gains

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates upper body strength with a chin hold.

Bodyweight exercises can kick your butt if you do them correctly. Plus, they are a refreshing challenge to your strength training. Mixing things up – and challenging yourself with something new  – will help you to stay engaged and passionate about your fitness goals. Many of the exercises that you do at the gym require heavy equipment

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2 Drills To Test and Improve Spinal Mobility

spinal mobility

When it comes to strength training, we tend to break our workouts down into body parts. Today may be arm day. Maybe some core work tomorrow. But are you implementing spinal mobility work into your routine? You’ve probably been around long enough to know what lower back pain feels like or how debilitating upper back

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3 Wrist Prep Drills that will Make Injuries a Thing of the Past

wrist prep

The human body contains approximately 206 bones spanning from head to toe. What’s even more impressive is that over 50 of those bones are found in your hands and wrists. This bone-dense region allows you to move your hands through a myriad of different positions. Sadly, most adults forget that their hands possess this extraordinary

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