Hips 101: Loosen Quads BEFORE Stretching Hip Flexors

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates a standing hip flexor stretch.

Stretching out tight hip flexors gets PLENTY of hype, but don’t be fooled! A critical step is most likely being skipped before the proper treatment of your hip flexors is addressed. We’re going to give you the openers you seek, but not before we prime your hips to absorb all the love you’re trying to

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Desk Stretches—Reverse the Symptoms of Adulting in 3 Minutes

desk stretches

Your body, no doubt, has the amazing ability to adapt to changes in its environment. People who live in warmer climates tend to have a slightly lower core body temperature, on average, than people who live in colder climates. Unfortunately, your body doesn’t only adapt in a good way, it can also adapt in some

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Limber Up! A Short How-to Guide for Daily Stretching

daily stretch

How can just a few minutes of daily stretching affect your health, posture, and performance? Is it really as simple as a few minutes here, a few there? With a little bit of direction and commitment, you can be well on your way to this one seriously healthy habit and incredible mobility as a result.

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3 Relaxing Stretches to Decompress and Release Tension

relaxing stretches

We all have those days that seem ruined the minute we hit snooze (for the third time). One thing after another keeps building up until we are just ready to crawl under the covers with some Netflix and wine to hide until the weekend! On days like this, the last thing we want to do

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Push-up Variations Your Upper Body Hasn't Even Thought About

push-up variation

The almighty push-up! One of the oldest – not to mention most effective – upper body exercises out there. But there are a plethora of push-up variations that can add some serious added strength and flavor to your upper body workouts. Variety in your workout is key to developing a well-rounded physique. This is especially

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Building an Elite Core: 2 Exercises for Serious Core Strength


In a sedentary culture where office jobs and sitting have negative effects on our bodies, we know how important building a solid mid-section is — or do we? Working towards full strength and abs you can’t wait to show off is easier than you think. Your core strength is what gives your full body the

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Scapular Mobility: The Key to Greater Shoulder Freedom

scapular mobility

Scapular mobility could be the boost you needed to get stronger more mobile shoulders, and everyone can benefit from greater shoulder health. Whether you work a full-time desk job, lift weights on the regular, or just feel like your shoulders are worn down from years of abuse, we’re here to assure you that you ARE

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3 Piriformis Stretches to Ease Your Outer Hip

piriformis stretch

Not many people think about their piriformis (or know what that is) until they need a Piriformis stretch. When your outer hip aches or is tight, this little guy is often the culprit. Ballerinas know all about it because they engage this muscle to keep their hips turned out for hours at a time. But

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6 Simple Tips To Keep a Consistent Workout Routine

GymnasticBodies athletes can find motivation by grabbing their friends and doing something different than the usual gym regime.

We’ve all been the newbie in the gym before, obviously lost without a workout routine. You know, the inexperienced trainee with no idea how to stick to a plan long enough to see progress. Well, it’s no secret! Working out takes discipline, determination, and a little bit of sweat. Yes, hard-work never hurt anybody. In

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360 Degree Shoulders: The Best Drill for Strength and Mobility

shoulder dislocates 360 Degree Shoulders: The Best Drill for Strength and Mobility

Don’t let the name scare you. Shoulder Dislocates are actually one of the most effective ways to prevent shoulder injury, develop incredible mobility, and develop some insane shoulder definition. Dislocates will strengthen your entire shoulder, including the small stabilizing muscles and easily overlooked connective tissue.   When it comes to joint prehab, dislocates are essential.

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