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Found 4 results

  1. Does anybody have any advice on how to get full ROM front lever pull ups. Apart from the first rep it is difficult to pull until the hips touch the bar. What would be the best way to progress to full rom, weighted front lever pull ups? Doing the first rep to the top then coming down really slowly? Thank you.
  2. ForzaCavaliere

    To shrug or not to shrug?

    Hi all, say you were just doing a dead hang off the bar, or even during the bottom phase for each rep of a pull up, should our shoulders be 'shrugged' per se? As in, should we let our bodies hang down such that our shoulders become 'earmuffs' to our ears? Or should we be actively pulling our shoulders down so that our head is at normal height about the shoulders? Thank you. LINK: http://www.beastskills.com/the-handstand/ If you scroll down a bit, you will see two pictures labelled "unshrugged" and "shrugged" to see what I am talking about.
  3. How different is the muscle recruitment/strength gain in a weighted pull up vs assisted OAP for the same reps? Since that probably didn't make much sense, if I can do 45lb weighted pull ups for 7 reps, and do assisted (I know "assisted" greatly varies) OAPs to where I can only manage 7 reps similar to my weighted max, will it be somewhat the same in terms of strength gain the benefits from weighted? I understand it is a unilateral movement which would change things. I can do 20 pull ups +/- a few depending on the day and I was looking to switch my training over to be more strength focused in the 3-5 rep range. The problem is I don't have weights or access to a gym to do weighted pull ups so I wanted to "replace" them with assisted OAP. Any thoughts?
  4. Currently I'm following Joshua's pull up program of the 10 sets cycling through 5 grips and I'm using 3 reps for each workset as well as the push up 'circuit' he mentioned from Stew Smith of cycling 3 stances for push ups (regular, tricep/diamond, wide). My situation is this: Because I have to attend PT (physical training) for the Marine Corps every Wed/and the Marine Corps is horrible at programming and exercise ordering/structuring, we sometimes have to do a 'max set' or a set to failure of pull ups/chin ups as well as plenty of push ups. Before joining I was using a 3 day a week routine and I'd do the pull up program Mon and Fri. So the point of this thread is to ask this question: Is it wise to continue my regular workout the following day (Thurs) with the pull up and push up program? I really don't like the idea of training to failure nor training the same muscle group extensively consecutive days in a row, so would 2 consecutive days out of the week hurt me more than allow me to make progress? I was thinking if I do this I skip Fri and do 'Day 3' on Saturday. Sorry if this seems like a silly question--I searched around the forums and couldn't find anything specific on this.
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