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  1. Currently I'm following Joshua's pull up program of the 10 sets cycling through 5 grips and I'm using 3 reps for each workset as well as the push up 'circuit' he mentioned from Stew Smith of cycling 3 stances for push ups (regular, tricep/diamond, wide). My situation is this: Because I have to attend PT (physical training) for the Marine Corps every Wed/and the Marine Corps is horrible at programming and exercise ordering/structuring, we sometimes have to do a 'max set' or a set to failure of pull ups/chin ups as well as plenty of push ups. Before joining I was using a 3 day a week routine and I'd do the pull up program Mon and Fri. So the point of this thread is to ask this question: Is it wise to continue my regular workout the following day (Thurs) with the pull up and push up program? I really don't like the idea of training to failure nor training the same muscle group extensively consecutive days in a row, so would 2 consecutive days out of the week hurt me more than allow me to make progress? I was thinking if I do this I skip Fri and do 'Day 3' on Saturday. Sorry if this seems like a silly question--I searched around the forums and couldn't find anything specific on this.
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