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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there, I'm convinced I've been overtraining my shoulders for some time now. I recently took 2 weeks off one arm handstands and planches only to come back with the same issues I was having before. I've decided I'm going to take a full month off any intensive shoulder work and just focus on stretching and on my other body areas + cardio. I was curious as to whether I would come back a lot weaker than before. I'm aware that that I will barely lose muscle mass over the month (I'm a 19 year old male so my hormones will help here), but I was curious about my neuromuscular efficiency and also proprioception - do these deteriorate at the same rate as muscle mass? Thanks in advance!
  2. Does the foundation series include stretching or will i have to purchase that as well? Same goes for the handstand progressions? Are these all separate or if I purchase the foundations series, are they built into the program? Thanks, J
  3. Alexander Castiglione

    My FBAS > FSAS - accessory work to remedy?

    Hey Everyone, So i was playing around with planches today on my lunch break (thank god for a gym in the lobby of my building. At least i can get a break from "desk patrol" as coach calls it). I hadn't trained it in a while, but I had a pretty solid 30s Planche lean when i took a month or 2 off (moved into a new place, life got in the way, was traveling; didn't train FSAS as much as I would've liked, excuses aside). Now, I have to work back up to it. However, I'm noticing that my FBAS is waaaaaaaay more advanced, as in I can almost execute rope climbs, in full straddle, with decent form (not perfect - but decent, I'd say a C+). Bent arm hang? No problem. Wide grip BTN pullups? All day... I'm wondering what accessory work I can do to get my straight arm strength to catch? Handstand shoulder taps maybe? As you all know, planche work is very hard on the joints, especially for a relative beginner like me, so I only train it 1-2x a week, and do CrossFit workouts 4-5 days a week, with some boxing mixed in. After a bout with tendinitis in my left arm (tennis and golfers elbow, basically according to the doc) I backed off the Oly lifting and was very careful with my programming. If i feel like i need a rest day, i take it, even if i don't want to. FSAS work is pretty new to me, and it was humbling when I fell on my face after a few seconds in a proper lean at first. Any and all help is appreciated.
  4. Hey Y'all thanks for taking the time to help me out with fixing my Winging Scapula so I can finally do handstands again and get back to training. The story in detail as to how my scapulae started winging so you experienced coaches and gymnasts can help me out with curing it because I am just a runner and got into gymnastics and LOVED it. Anyways please try to help diagnose the problem but i'll start out with describing All my exercise leading up to my scapulae winging. - Me as a runner got into gymnastics somehow and started doing plenty of body-weight exercises,stretches, and skill practice (like the Planche-Pushup). I started doing Weighed dips and weighted push-ups and Weighted Pull-ups. My Chest and front shoulders and Biceps got pretty strong but i never really did any exercises for my Back. I Also did PLENTY of handstands and practiced an hour a day and randomly again that day, i did handstands EVERYDAY cause i loved them. I took a gymnastics class and practiced the handstand and got better and made it much more straight and kept going up in lifting heavier weight with Dips and Push-ups and Pull-ups. One day I randomly wanted to learn the Planche so looked up exercises to lead up to it. So i got on the floor and did a Planche-Lean while Protracting to get more force for my practice session. I then looked into the mirror next to me while i was leaning forward in my Planche-Lean and noticed my scapulae was Protruding out and it looked quite odd. I didn't think much of it and continued my session but when i tried to practice my handstands I COULD NOT HOLD IT. Please help me out coaches and gymnasts cure this winging scapulae. It does not wing very badly at all compared to what i have seen and i feel no pain at all and no loss in movement. What do i do to fix the winging my scapulae is doing so i can do my handstands and gymnastics again because I LOVE IT. please be VERY descriptive in what i have to do to fix this and thank you and bless your kind heart anybody that tried to help me out. I also tried scapulae push-ups but they are a joke and don't help.
  5. Aaron Fors

    Actor/Gymnast introduction HI!

    Hey All, This is Aaron Fors. http://imdb.me/aaronfors I am full time actor who grew up in the business. I am also a gymnastics enthusiast. I started about 3 1/2 years ago and have been teaching myself, and learning from all of you and wonderful sites like this amazing home. I have SO much to learn, but I am obsessed and adore it. I really hope to incorporate a lot of gymnastics into film and really give our community some badass representation out there. I recently took my first leap into filmmaking with a short film entitles "Pathological" which will be hitting festivals like crazy! And because of that, we are now making a Feature! A real, smart, gritty supernatural, western. *We just raised another 50,000 for it and are still working away on the budget!* I would love if you guys would check out my stunt reel and if you like it, give it a like or a comment. It is about 2 years old, and I have grown so much, but I'll be making a new one soon! *with a budget hehe* and follow me on twitter @TheAaronFors and @deadmansdraw11 for updates on the upcoming feature. So yeah, that's me! I'm glad to be a closer part of the community, and I look forward to posting more videos, and asking a LOT of questions, hee.
  6. Michael Morello

    Lower Back Pain

    Hey everyone, I have been doing gymnastics with you guys for about 4 months. I have a problem with my shoulders as it is right now and I don't know or understand why because some of my friends do handstands also and they do not have this type of pain. so I am asking when i do handstands like cast wall walks, handstands i get lower back pain or soreness. so is my form wrong on handstands? please help.
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