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Found 3 results

  1. Alaa Diab

    What do FL and PE means

    Hi, I am seeing lots of abbreviations on videos and forums what do these mean FL/PE F1 H1,H2,H3 iM and more
  2. Brian Li

    Wide Grip Front Lever

    Does a wide grip FL or even the victorian work the lats harder than a normal FL? I know the lats are very weak in transverse shoulder extension and the wide grip FL and victorian are partially transverse shoulder extension, but at the same time the leverage is lower with a wider grip which may require more force from all the pulling muscles. I know the wide grip FL works the rear delts and triceps harder and is overall harder than a normal FL.
  3. Jono

    Critique my SSC plan

    Hey guys, I've decided I want to run my first proper SSC. I'd like some feedback on it, good or bad. I have attached the SSC plan as a .rtf text file because I made everything colour-coded, which helps to see the structure of it all. My current situation is that I want to learn some new moves and get stronger, but not necessarily train purely for Gymnastics (like F1). I'd say my main goal (and the only one I plan to actively pursue in this SCC) is the dead hang OAC/OAP, so my program may be a bit vertical pulling dominant. Nevertheless, I have still paired up the exercises (cycling through different pulling/pressing planes) as BtGB has recommended, but have included extra OAC work as well. My second goal is to work towards a no lean wide MU on a bar. I'd also like to make some good progress in the pressing strength department; particularly, I'd like to work towards full tuck planche push-ups and full depth HSPUs on parallettes (something that I start getting stronger at, but then seem to lose all progress at if I stop working on!). I also want to improve my straight arm strength in the L-sit, Side Lever, BL, FL and PL. My current stats (with very strict form, otherwise not counted): Bodyweight: ~70kg Height: 5'9 FSP -Floor L-sit: 20s (20s is a safe "max". Realised my 41s max back in February was a bit sloppy, despite it being on the floor) -Tuck BL: 60s (Not sure if my hips were level with shoulders. I plan to test it again this week.I can probably hold straddle for 5s, but haven't tried) -Tuck FL: 37s (I can hold straddle for about 5s, but I wanted to go back to focus on good retraction. 37s is as long as I can hold before I feel my retraction starting to go) -Frog Stand: 40s (I can hold advanced tuck briefly, but I want to build up to a 60s straight arm frog stand) -Side Lever: 5s (Small straddle, and can only do it on 1 side) OAC progress: - -Chin-up 60kgx1 (full dead hang) -Assisted OAC (pinky assist) -OAC (starting from 90 degrees) - what is interesting to note here is that I can do a 65kg dead hang chin-up but get stuck at forehead height not quite able to finish the rep; however, the top part of the OAC is where I have the most strength. It just goes to show how much different a double-arm chin and a single-arm chin is. -I can initiate OAC & OAP from the dead hang, but can only move up a few inches. -I can do static holds in all parts of the ROM, even the lower half. -Slow Bar MUs (no hip pike) 3x5 (I want to work towards the wide MUs, but also be cautious at the same time) -HeSPU (shoulder width / against wall) 1 rep (on a good day ) I'd like to believe that with the 3x3 template that I plan to use, I'll be able to handle the high frequency, especially for the OAC work. I feel as though if I limit myself to only 1 vertical pulling session per week, I may even lose progress at this feat. Instead I want to do low volume frequently, but with emphasis on high quality.
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