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Found 4 results

  1. Jesse OBrien

    Double Arm Chin to One Arm Chin Data

    Does anyone have any information on any strength indicators that would support having a one arm chin-up? Particularly double arm pulling strength necessary for a one arm chin-up? Expressed as an absolute or relative % of weight. For example: BWT 175 Weight Pull-Up 140 Relative to BW = 82% Any data that supports that a particular ratio, would demonstrate the ability to perform a OAC?
  2. How different is the muscle recruitment/strength gain in a weighted pull up vs assisted OAP for the same reps? Since that probably didn't make much sense, if I can do 45lb weighted pull ups for 7 reps, and do assisted (I know "assisted" greatly varies) OAPs to where I can only manage 7 reps similar to my weighted max, will it be somewhat the same in terms of strength gain the benefits from weighted? I understand it is a unilateral movement which would change things. I can do 20 pull ups +/- a few depending on the day and I was looking to switch my training over to be more strength focused in the 3-5 rep range. The problem is I don't have weights or access to a gym to do weighted pull ups so I wanted to "replace" them with assisted OAP. Any thoughts?
  3. Jono

    Critique my SSC plan

    Hey guys, I've decided I want to run my first proper SSC. I'd like some feedback on it, good or bad. I have attached the SSC plan as a .rtf text file because I made everything colour-coded, which helps to see the structure of it all. My current situation is that I want to learn some new moves and get stronger, but not necessarily train purely for Gymnastics (like F1). I'd say my main goal (and the only one I plan to actively pursue in this SCC) is the dead hang OAC/OAP, so my program may be a bit vertical pulling dominant. Nevertheless, I have still paired up the exercises (cycling through different pulling/pressing planes) as BtGB has recommended, but have included extra OAC work as well. My second goal is to work towards a no lean wide MU on a bar. I'd also like to make some good progress in the pressing strength department; particularly, I'd like to work towards full tuck planche push-ups and full depth HSPUs on parallettes (something that I start getting stronger at, but then seem to lose all progress at if I stop working on!). I also want to improve my straight arm strength in the L-sit, Side Lever, BL, FL and PL. My current stats (with very strict form, otherwise not counted): Bodyweight: ~70kg Height: 5'9 FSP -Floor L-sit: 20s (20s is a safe "max". Realised my 41s max back in February was a bit sloppy, despite it being on the floor) -Tuck BL: 60s (Not sure if my hips were level with shoulders. I plan to test it again this week.I can probably hold straddle for 5s, but haven't tried) -Tuck FL: 37s (I can hold straddle for about 5s, but I wanted to go back to focus on good retraction. 37s is as long as I can hold before I feel my retraction starting to go) -Frog Stand: 40s (I can hold advanced tuck briefly, but I want to build up to a 60s straight arm frog stand) -Side Lever: 5s (Small straddle, and can only do it on 1 side) OAC progress: - -Chin-up 60kgx1 (full dead hang) -Assisted OAC (pinky assist) -OAC (starting from 90 degrees) - what is interesting to note here is that I can do a 65kg dead hang chin-up but get stuck at forehead height not quite able to finish the rep; however, the top part of the OAC is where I have the most strength. It just goes to show how much different a double-arm chin and a single-arm chin is. -I can initiate OAC & OAP from the dead hang, but can only move up a few inches. -I can do static holds in all parts of the ROM, even the lower half. -Slow Bar MUs (no hip pike) 3x5 (I want to work towards the wide MUs, but also be cautious at the same time) -HeSPU (shoulder width / against wall) 1 rep (on a good day ) I'd like to believe that with the 3x3 template that I plan to use, I'll be able to handle the high frequency, especially for the OAC work. I feel as though if I limit myself to only 1 vertical pulling session per week, I may even lose progress at this feat. Instead I want to do low volume frequently, but with emphasis on high quality.
  4. Thought I would share some crazy videos, dont know if any have seen this guy. I think this is especially impressive for a man his size. What you think? OAC towel: Double BW chinup: ..and the best:
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