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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all I'm reaching you guys asking for an advise for my shoulder and bicep injuries My training routine was bodyweight, Rings and some parallettes I also used Gymnasticbodies stretching series I injured my self I'm not sure how but probably was over training using the RINGS The MRI results is FINDINGS The right supraspinatus tendon demonstrates bright signal that is seen reaching the tendon articular surface but not its bursal surface. Right acromioclavicular joint arthropathy is noticed. Type II acromion. Intermediate signal seen involving the subscapularis and intra-articular long head of biceps tendons. Normal MRI appearance of the glenoid labrum, gleno-humeral ligaments and joint capsule. Subacromial subdeltoid bursal fluid distension is noted. Normal appearance of the articular cartilage of the shoulder joint. IMPRESSION Right supraspinatus tendon partial thickness tear. Right acromioclavicular joint arthropathy. Subacromial subdeltoid bursitis. Intra-articular long head of biceps and subscapularis tendinopathy. Doctor advised to take a rest and stop excersicing specially overhead exercises As I read that loading and exercising is better than resting for recovery Phisyo sessions here in Saudi Arabia are very expensive and most of it just Ice and laser therapy without any excersices What's your advice Should I rest or do any of GB programs or series And how long will it take to heal from your experience Thank you
  2. Mike Antonio

    Shoulder Surgery Next Friday

    Good day everyone. So I’ve been having an issue with my Dominent shoulder due to a small tear in the labrum (slap tear). I attempted physio and other treatments over the course of approximately a year and a half with very little Progress. So im scheduled next Friday for a possible labrum repair or possible bicep tenodesis with some rotator cuff maintenance as well. I have the surgeon free range to do whatever he feels is best once he looks inside. My shoulder hasn’t made much progress up until last week. Now this could be my brain f’king with me but I am able to get into positions that I couldn’t get into last month. Like foot supported planche lean, hspu and even a few dips. Keep in mind my job has been extremely time taxing lately so training has very been minimal. My physio guy and I assume that once I start training regularly again I will likely aggravate the shoulder and be back to wear I was a few months ago if I don’t do surgery. I guess I’m just looking for a little reassurance as I feel like I’m possibly risking surgery for minimal results. I do still have some pain when performing internal and external rotation (no weight) at the end ranges. Although I’m really looking forward to 4 months off of work and almost feel like that’s half the reason I’m looking to do this. I’m hoping to be able to still train at somewhat of a high level. I have goals of planche, strict ring muscle ups and press to handstand. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks, mike
  3. Colm O'Reilly

    "Raggedy" Long Head Bicep

    Hey, Apologies if this was covered elsewhere but my searches didn't reveal anything. Brief history: MMA injury aged 19 (15 years ago), tore AC joint due to being thrown. Let it "heal", go about life. CrossFit for 10 years along with Irish National level lifting with poor enough thoracic mobility and occasional recurrent problems. Jan 2016 - compete at Nationals. Thereafter, shoulder not right, missing lifts well below capacity, ongoing shoulder 'niggle'. Jan 2017 - Nationals again, worse, shoulder in agony for days after. Physio recommends MRI. MRI reveals "significant partial tear of supraspinatus and long head bicep described as "raggedy" by surgeon. Corticosteroid shot approx 5 weeks ago in supraspinatus area - zero effect on strength or pain. Have been dabbling in GB since last summer, and more seriously this year. In particular performing the thoracic bridge series 1x/week religiously since October. Occasionally have pain on push ups, noticeable dull ache on full shoulder extension and sharp inhibitory pain on full flexion of right shoulder (even with increased flexibility). Anyone any advice on dealing with this issue or similar with GB, or alterations I should make? Can provide more detail if needed. Thanks!
  4. Alexander Castiglione

    Bicep Stretches

    Hey GB, Wanted to see if any of you knew some good stretches for the biceps? I tweaked mine about 5 weeks ago sparring or rock climbing (one of the two). Dialed it back, took some time off, and now its "better" but when I do metcon workouts with high pullup volume where i need to kip (I know, BLASPHEMY!) I can feel the tension. It's not pain, but just tension, and gets better if i stretch it a bit mid workout. I've been doing shoulder extensions with hands touching or within 1 inch of each other, and some german hangs at slightly wider than shoulder width. It seems to be in my brachioradials or biceps brachii, maybe brachials - and I'm trying to avoid another run in with tendinitis (had/have it in my left forearm). Does anybody have any good stretches or exercises to remedy? Thanks!
  5. I don't understand - as first class gymnasts performing solely bodyweight movements, wouldn't performing the exact bodyweight movements themselves lead to the best results? How do bicep curls enhance their training? Thanks in advance.
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