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Hey, im 16 years old an come from germany. My goal is it to reach the Back/Front Lever, Human Flag, muscle up, one arm chin up and the full planche.


I started my workout 7 month ago. I did one month some pull and push ups.

After that I taked a break and 4 month ago I worked out again for a moth. I tried to reach my goal, but I haven´t any success...

2 month ago I go (and still go) to the gym. But I think that I will take a break.


This was my little story.

And now I will start again working out, with more intention. To my surprise, I did the muscle up, a 2 sec. Back Lever hold and an one leg Front Lever for about 8 sec. .

I don´t now how I build the strengh for it, but Im happy.



And now to my question. I would like to workout 4 days the week but I don´t now in which of the days I should train one exercise.

Here is a example of how I would do my traning plan:


Monday: Front/Back Lever training

Tuesday: Muscle Up, explosive pull ups - explosive push ups

Thursday: One arm chin up - push ups

Friday: Front/Back Lever training

Saturday: Chin/Pull Ups


What do you think of it? Is it to much? Can I combine some days?

I will start working for the planche and human flag, when I have an good front/back lever and a decent muscle up (can´t do more then one without that much kipping)

I hope that you guys can give me some tips and sorry for my bad english.




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