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When , How Often And How To Stretch ?

Deins Drengers

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Deins Drengers

Hi !

The title nearly says it all.

Ive heard different opinions: that you should stretch every day or twice a day.

another information source said to stretch every other day.

i want to improove overall flexibility and be able to do pikes and leg splits

and i have heard that having good flexibility will help to develop acrobatic skills


And i have a question : Will stretching decrease my strength progressing from Static

and bodyweight exercises ?

I'm talking about a serious stretch that takes about 30 min or so.

Any advice or answer will be appreciated !

Thank you !

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Joshua Slocum

If anything, stretching will be beneficial to bodyweight progressions, as it will help improve shoulder mobility. Also, some positions, such as the manna, *require* a great deal of shoulder and leg flexibility. I generally do static stretching for 20-30 minutes after every workout.

The one exception to this is if you are doing very intense flexibility work, your muscles will need time to recover, and that will preclude working out until you're healed. I won't go into specific programming, but as long as you work at a light to moderate level, you're going to benefit a lot.

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