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Nakayama for azaryan ?


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Hi everyone,

I have read on this forum that nakayama is a pre req for azaryan but for me azaryan is much harder. How many nakayama i must do for begin azaryan ? Wath is your tips for azaryan ? 
Now i just do azaryan to cross  on strap, i read azaryan to support is good drill too.

This is my nakayama https://www.instagram.com/p/Bp_yxu_gUZg/.

Thx for your ansers and knowledge.

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First you have to realise that you DON'T REALLY have a Nakayama.  You ring straps are so short that the physics are not the same as long straps. You can see this at the end of your video by your wrist alignment where your force is pushing out and not down. 

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