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Owen Cook

Fitness on a submarine.

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Owen Cook

I am a serving submariner and currently working my way through the foundation series and flexibility programme.

I aim to maintain my progress even when deployed, however, many issues make it difficult to persevere. 

Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated. 

With no connectivity, progress through the series is problematic to chart. 

Lack of space and equipment, with the area available for fitness 3ft wide at best, long enough to fully stretch out and 7ft in height.  Pull up bars and rings are available, as well as weights, stretching blocks and bands. 

Prolonged periods will pass where "phiz" or fitness/gym is unachievable due to operational reasons or sleep being more necessary in the time. 

Nutrition.... terrible. With very little ability to improve. 


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Alessandro Mainente

Hi Owen, sincerely is very hard to suggest you something because there are very lot of variables involved probably a personal training work is the best choice for yours. Basically, I suggest you consider a sort of order of the exercise line the course page offers. for example, you can perform the upper body workout by doing what you can do, if you have the time to perform the first upper body exercise do it, and so on. use a sort of list...perform the exercise as in the order when you can, this permit to maintain at least a balance.

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