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SI Joint Pain After Twist

Crisshaun Nelson-Jackson

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Crisshaun Nelson-Jackson


I was wondering what the causes of pain in the SI joint after twisting motions could be.

It was noticed during yoga.

Supine position, knees tucked and moved from side to side.

And then other times, just twisting in general.


It’s the first incidence.

Any guidance as to where the problem might be? Weakness or tightness or something?

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Alessandro Mainente

hi Jackson, 

the biggest problem is this case is what's follow:

-is the last exercise you have done that caused the problem?


-there is an existing problem so that you are feeling a pain during spine twisting?

the twisting of the spine is reached by all the units on the spine and probably you have more restriction in one section and that leads to more twist in another.

in order to understand the problem I reccommend to check for a PT, searching the solution on the web is a wrong choice. every single suggestion can be potentially bad.


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