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advanced crosses variation


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Hi every one,

My goal for this year is to be able to perform 2 D element on rings. ( pineda, azaryan)  , i have 8 iron cross press, and 12 sec cross hold max, i can press cross with 10 % off my bodyweight.
I continue to work my static strenght on iron cross from 2 different way : first with classic static hold, second at the iron cross position with zero tension press cross hold ( wrist strap ).
I work muscle up wide to iron cross for the transition for pineda and pineda on strenght trainer ( i do assisted victorian press too with leg on the support for stregnhtening shoulder extension )
Azarian is more difficult for me, i can do it with strenght trainer ( lvl 5 /10) but i can't able to do simple azarian support on ring ( i do back lever to cross without bounce on strenght trainer and back lever press maltese press planche with leg on the support )
can i have some advice / opinion for continue to  progress
This is a video off my best azarian :

ps : I have read all topic on this forum about d crosses etc

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Everett Carroll

Hi Swann, 

I appreciate your ambition! However, I highly recommend slowing down, taking a step back, and re-evaluating your primary training goals. The Foundation Series is the best and most thorough way to ensure you're ready for more advanced training like this. Please take our advice and begin working on mastering those courses. You won't be disappointed by the mobility and strength you gain, PLUS you'll be significantly decreasing your risk of injury when you do return to training for skills like these. 

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