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GB and CrossFit

Tom Pavant

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Tom Pavant

Hi !

I've started GB 2,5 months ago, and I decided to make it my priority until I reach at least an intermediate level.

But until now, I've been a competitive crossfiter for 6 years, and when I started with GB, I lost a lot of strength and conditioning. So I decided to do something and I came up with this program. I was used to train 5x 2 hours a week before, so the volume is ok for me.

I justed wanted to share this for other newbies of my kind and also to have your opinions ! ;)

Because coach Sommer says crossfit should be done before the GB program, I decided to combine conditioning, weightlifting and warmup as much as possible to gain time. Also, I chose the Hatch Squat Cycle because it's just 2 days a week. When I do the WODs, I apply the general GB rule "moderation and consistency" rather than the usual high intensity crossfit rule.

Because I believe that GB keeps me fit for most exercises used in CF, I only included the movements I'd risk to regress on: Snatch, Clean and Jerk, heavy squats and double unders. The rest is just about metcon (row, run and assault bike).

I included the stretch series once a week as recommended, but the foundation work twice a week.

I hope this makes a good and reasonable compromise between crossfit and GB ! The goal is to progress as much as possible in gymnastics without dying when I'll go back to the box in a few months ;) 





Warm up (15-20 min): Mobility DROMs for weightlifting, Ido Portal Squat routine 2.0, Weightlifting 101 OHS complex & snatch warm up

GST part 1 (10 min): Lower Body

WOD (15 min): 3 rounds 

1 min to complete 5 Squat snatches UB / 1 min row / 1 min to complete 5 squat clean and jerks UB/ 1 min assault bike/ 1 min rest

Start with 40% 1 RM and add weight from week to week if technique is perfect

GST part 2 (45 min): Handstand / Core 



Warm up and WOD (10-15min): 6 rounds of 300 m row /10 burpees /50 DU

Go slow on the first round, then speed up a little more on every round and do the last round on max effort.

GST (20-30 min): Upper body

Stretch Series (45 min): Middle Split



Warm up and WOD (30 min): Same as Monday

GST (10 min): Lower body

Strength (15-20 min): Hatch Squat Cycle Day 1

Stretch series (45 min): Front split



Warm up and WOD (20-25 min): Run 5K

GST (60 min): Core / Upper body



Warm up and WOD (10-15 min): Same as Tuesday

GST (15-20 min): Handstand

Stretch series (45 min): Thoracic Bridge



Warm up and GST (30-40 min): Movement

Strength (15-20 min): Hatch Squat Cycle day 2


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Alessandro Mainente

Hey Tom, welcome to GB. Looking to your situation I tend to suggest to complete FIRST your priority then if you energies you can perform the rest. it is pretty reasonable if you have to learn new technical elements and this is pretty common at the beginning of the GB work.

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Tom Pavant

Hi Alessandro,

Thanks a lot for your advice ! I'll do that then ! As I say, my main priority now is progressing in gymnastics, nothing else.

Would it be ok to do the stretch series first this in the morning, then the GST in the evening followed by some conditioning/weightlifting mixed modal training if there's energy left ?

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Pauline Taube

Hi Tom,

I agree with Alessandro about doing your GB work in the beginning of your workout. 

When it comes to the Stretch series, these should always be done after training. Since the Stretch series are making your whole body and nervous systems relaxed usually recommend doing the workout in the morning and stretch in the evening. However if the opposite suit your schedule better there should be enough hours in between to recover.

I suggest trying both and see how you feel :) 

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Tom Pavant

Hi Pauline !

Ok thanks I'll try that. I'll just switch around and do some of the strength or conditioning work in the morning and finish my day with stretching. Let's see what works best ;)

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Hi James,

Well I listened to the advice I got here and decided to set my priority to GST.

Now that I read through my program again, I might give it a new try ;)

Are you doing something similar ?

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Cooper Robertson

I've never done legit crossfit training.  I find myself training the same movements, Never with CrossFit programming though. I don't ever lift super heavy though and I think I respond better to lower volume training. I have a hard time doing stretch series and other serious training on the same day. The Stretch series are difficult enough by themselves.

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