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Oscar Riaño

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Oscar Riaño

Hi people, 

I started rings not so long ago and for motivation I use to check for gymnasts performing strength routines on rings. I don't know what you think about the topic, but I realized that my favourite gymnasts on rings are all from China. The difference between Chinese athletes and the rest is super clear: they seek for perfection in their strength positions and the rest just a strong position disregarding the proper technique. I don't know why not everyone seeks for perfect position, it's sad :( 

I just saw a national competition in China and I enjoyed it a lot more than any World Championship or Olympic Games... 

The questions I have for you are:

-What do you think about this topic?

-Are perfect positions underrated in a rings routine (or not so highly valued by the judges)?

-Do ring athletes seek for perfect positions and/but they don't achieve them OR they don't really seek for perfection?

-Having a perfect position means that you are stronger?

Thanks in advance and big respect for all of you!




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Luke Searra

Hello Oscar,

I personally also prefer the positions of the Chinese Ring specialists over most other countries for the positional differences which at least in my eyes are VAST.

To answer your questions (although Coach Sommer himself would be the most qualified to give you your answer)...

1) No, they are extremely highly valued by the judges

2) They do seek perfection, of course, this is pretty broad ranging and my guess is your referring to refinement of positions in the strength movements

3) Yes

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