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Entry into acrobatics and floor space

Antonin Bouglé

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Antonin Bouglé

I'm interested in Movement One, so I have a few questions before trying out :)

Living in a small studio, I only have 2.60m by 2.80m floor space (8.53x9.16ft), is this enough for the majority of the progressions ? 

Are the exercices leaning toward strength or skill training ? I'm currently doing F1x3/week, H1x2/week and Stretchx3/week, (and maybe starting kickboxing/grappling soon) so I'm wondering if adding something else wouldn't be too much for proper recovery.

Last one, as I plan on learning basic tumbling afterward : like handspring, front tuck... and so on, and don't wanna skip ahead on conditionning and get lower back/knees/wrist injuries (I'm not in a hurry), is that the proper entry before going for tumbling lessons with a gymnastics coach ?

Thank you for your answers.

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Alessandro Mainente

Hi Antonin,

well the space it is a bit restricted but it should be fine.

What about strength or skill. strength it is a skill. for example the last HBP element are a combination of technique and strength element , so in order to develop a complete physique you need both.

For tumbling I highly recommend handstand first, for handspring variation you need also bridge.

Foundations is the best way to prepare your body for future tumbling work.

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Antonin Bouglé

Hi Alessandro, thank you for the contribution,

I get what you mean, it's both skill and strength agreed, what I meant is more about dominant aspect of a given exercise, like a pull-up vs a cart wheel. The first being leaning toward more strength than agility/spatial and body awareness, and the other one the opposite.
So I wonder if adding the Movement One elements wouldn't be too much added strength/muscle/joint fatigue, or if it's more about agility first.

I've read your post on another topic about common injuries among adults doing tumbling with insufficient prep, and mastering hanstand, front lever, and bridge before attempting skills as a handsprings or tucks. I've had experiences with minor injuries before, so I wanna go the intelligent road, and give my body proper conditionning before attempting power moves.
So indeed Foundation is the road I'm on, just wondering about the main carry-over of Movement One's training and if adding it now would be a good plus to my overall progression.

As a matter of fact I can also buy the program, scroll through the progressions and see what seems doable on my floor space, then ask for a refund if impossible to match. But i'd be glad to get as much informations before trying that out :)

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