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Sebastiaan Schlichter


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Sebastiaan Schlichter

Hello there,
I've got 3 questions about gymnastics.
My training split looks like this:
Gymnastics: Monday, Thursday and Saturday
Stretching: Wednesday and Sunday
Cardio: Tuesday
Leg conditioning: Friday

Should I stretch 2x 2 hours a week (Like above) OR stretch 15-30 min and then do my gymnastics training?

If I want to focus on gymnastics, should I stop with the Cardio and leg conditioning? I mostly do cardio for my health and legs to balance my body out.

And last of all:
What are the basic skills I should master that will improve my performance on all 6 apparatus?
My list right now is: Planche - Handstand - Iron cross - Front lever.

I would appreciate the help.


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