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Jefferson Curl with Scoliosis


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Hello, I am 6'2.5", 19 year old male. I had scoliosis with a 49% curve. I had scoliosis surgery in January. I now have a 13in rod in my back. I used to be fairly flexible, but after the surgery for months I moved very little and my back muscles were very tight with many knots. My mobility has greatly increased but I'm still very stiff. I was cleared for any physical activity in July. I want to do Jefferson curls to help increase my mobility. I can bend my lower back and neck and shoulders but not the middle of my back. Is it safe to do Jefferson curls or would that put too much pressure on my lower back? Thank you

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With a rod in your upper back, you are going to need to spend some time not only in recovering from the surgery, but re-learning what  your body can and can't do.


Jefferson curls (JC) are all about curling the spine from neck down. In your case this is going to be compromised and there is nothing to be done about it. However, keeping that in mind, the JC can be used as a great teaching tool for yourself.


Under no circumstance should you start doing these with weight until you are 100% confident that you understand the basic movement pattern with your spine.


You should also consult with your Dr / Therapist as they will know more specifics about your situation.

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