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Advanced Lower Abs Exercises


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Quick question.

Does anybody knows some Advanced Lower Abs Exercises?

I would like exercise like Toes To Bar, which is to easy for me now.

Already doing: Human Flag, Dragon Flag, L-Sit, Front Lever.



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David McManamon

Coach has already provided an elegant answer to this issue - consider his student demonstrating Russian leg lifts:



Take your current exercises and make them more difficult, add ankle weights if necessary and feel free to reach a level of execution rarely seen in human flag, dragon flag and front lever.

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 After HLL or ToesToBar (which may be bent legs which is a no-no or easier progression), try doing hanging leg lifts from the L position or with pauses at the L or V(top T2B) position.

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Joshua Naterman

Stall bar HLL (or, as you call them, toes to bar) with ankle weights are probably your overall best work on the strength side.


Learning a tap swing and, eventually, giant swings, is really quite the ab workout as well.

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Timothy Aiken

Back tucks and back whips are pretty good ab exercise. 

But from a strength training perspective, the aforementioned exercises are great. I would add to the list L-sit raises and V-sit raises. They require a decent level of triceps and shoulder strength, but they work the abs very well. You could also try side lever pulls (shown in the below video). Those require a great deal of shoulder and oblique strength and flexibility, but also work the lower abs well.



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