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Help! Frequent dislocation of shoulder=frustration


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Today my shoulder dislocated during training for the second time since starting F1.


My routine is as laid out in the book. 4-5 days a week. I'm on Pe1 on most movements.


The first time was this Thursday (less then three days ago) which I also followed up with 20 minutes of handstand and 40 minutes of weightlifting focusing on the shoulder area.

The focus if the weightlifting is to a some mass to my shoulders, especially the back and around the scapulae to improve my posture and add some cushioning to rolls on hard ground (Parkour).


After I was done, stretching and all, I thought I´d be a good boy and do some wall stretches (back flat against wall, arms perpendicular to the floor, 90 degree bend in the elbows, back of hands against wall and move hands up and down.)

I barely placed my elbows on the wall and rotated my arms up against the wall before my shoulder popped with some crunching sounds in the shoulder socket.


It popped back after a few seconds.


The second time was today, Sunday. Again my F1/Pe1 workout done. Followed it up with some rehab exercises from Dieselcrew (search on youtube of interested)

Cuban rotations 2x 12-15

Band external rotation 2x 12-15

Band pullapart 2x 12-15

Band pulldown behind neck 2 x 12-15

Band dislocations 2 x 12-15


After that I started practising handstands. After one 30 sec hold I dropped back. Felt good. Rested a minute or so, and just stretched my hands down out my sides, feeling a little tight in chest. POP!

There went my shoulder for a trip once again!


This is SO FRUSTRATING! Especially since I'm actually doing rehab-exercises reguarly!

I have a history of shoulder dislocations, I've probably had over 30 incidents during the last 12 years. Thats why my shoulder can pop back again after a few second, but believe me, these are full luxations.


Since december  2012 I´ve been really good at doing my oh so boring rehab exercises, and above all, I´ve started implementing Bent-over side laterals with 2-5 kg dumbells for 15-20 repetitions for 2-4 sets every weightlifting session and my shoulders have felt amazingly stable!

I've been dislocationfree since august 2012. Before starting training with gymnastics.

I like gymnastic training, I love handstand training.


But obviously this programming doesn´t cut it for my unstable right-shoulder. 

I need advice on what to do. I believe that my chest and front of my body is much stronger than my rear delts and scapulae muscle and therefore, need a different kind of ratio of pressing (SpL, HbP) to pulling (RC) exercises.

Also, any advice on how to implement handstand practise? Now I'm doing face to wall-handstands.




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I  cannot give you any advice on the training aspects of your question but what i can tell you is that your shoulder problem sounds serious and you must visit a doctor to check it.Have you ever been in the doctor in these 12 years?If not then you should(i know cause i am 14 years old and i had that problem myself only with subluxations which is not that bad).My case wasnt really severe so i just rested for a month or so and then started training with emphasis on shoulder strenghening for the 1-2 months after 3-4 months i am now very good.My advice go to a professional and check it out worst case scenario you may need a surgery and 5-6 months rest and rehab.I of course hope you dont need anything like that.I wish you a good recovery.


Hope i helped:)

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Daniel Burnham

First if all this is called subluxation of the shoulder. You should get it checked by a doctor which will probably need an MRI.

Most likely cause is muscular imbalance or trauma. You need to stretch the chest while working on rehabbing around the shoulder capsule.

You need to go to the basics of handstand which is scapula control and body shape.

Rehab should be done twice a day if not more with light bands. There are a lot of descriptions of the exercises you need but basically it involves moving your shoulder in each direction in a controlled manner. Those deiselcrew ones you mentioned are good though I didn't check the video for form.

Then twice a week you should do shoulder strength. This is geared towards the internal muscles and not something like shoulder press.

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Jake Lawrance

Precisely what Daniel said...


It's probably the worst news you'll be told in a long time, but we ALL go through it, I'm very sure of it. I mean look at Yuval Ayalon and Ryan Hurst, they both had labral tears, now they're kicking ass, but better! (I think Yuval had a tear).

However it could be possible to be somewhat 'safe' with some extreme rehab time as long as the tear isn't anterior near the biceps tendon, although the tissue in your shoulder will never heal so if you require an operation, get it.

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Coach Sommer

- It has nothing to do with the programming and everything to do with your not respecting the limitations of your injury.  For someone with a shoulder injury, choosing to add 20 min of HS work and another 40 min of weight lifting ON TOP of F1 is a fast road to nowhere.


- Stop training immediately.  Do not attempt to self-diagose;  go get a thorough exam by your doctor. 


- Do not resume training until you have received the medical clearance to do so.


Yours in Fitness,

Coach Sommer

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Joshua Naterman

You have got to get imaging done. With that many incidences, you need to know how much of your labrum is still intact, so that you can make a good decision about where to go from here.


It should go without saying that your first priority should be to get referred to a physical therapist, and go through physical therapy. Properly.

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Nic Branson

WIll say it again. Stop. Get it looked at and then plan smartly. Injuries will alter your training. Sucks but that is the way it is.

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