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Found 5 results

  1. What brand/weight of resistance tubing is being used for the supine and prone thoracic band pull?
  2. Joshua Stevens

    Moving from GMB to GB

    I am physically fit in terms of stength and endurance however my mobility leaves something to be desired. I completed GMB Elements and Paralletes alongsidetheir stretching program but it left me feeling a little empty. The workouts aren’t that intense and I didn’t see heaps of progress. I don’t feel any better than I didn’t prior to starting these I am am keen to start on GB having purchased HS1 previously and hoping for feedback from others that moved from GMB? I also understand that F1 is the prerequisite for everything but is it likely I’ll find this a little slow and boring? Lastly is it vital for me to purchase a stretch program in order to see significant flexibility improvements in my hips and shoulders? If so, please advise.
  3. Chris Maudlin

    Yoga with Stretch Series

    Is it ok (or advisable) to practice vinyasa flow style yoga in tandem with the F1/Stretch series? If so, is it ok to do both yoga and the stretch series on the same day, or will this be overkill on the body? I generally practice yoga 4x/wk on the weekdays, and was planning on doing the stretch series on the week days as well to give my body rest on the weekends. I could do 2 of the stretch series on the weekend, and 1 in the middle of the week when I don't do yoga, but that would put be doing some sort of stretching 7 days a week. Again, i'm not sure if this is good or bad.
  4. Alvaro Antolinez

    How the stretch series saved my back

    Hi all, it's been a long time since I last posted, I connect now and then to check, but mostly I concentrate in training following the courses. My level is still low, and I usually don't think that I can't help with my replies. But now I think my case may help people out there that have the same problem, and as a testimony of the quality and effectiveness of the GB system created by Coach Sommer and his team. It all started August 2014, I spent the summer Apnea diving (free diving) in the small beach close to the flat where we spend the summer. I don't fish and spend most of my diving time cleaning subaquatic garbage between 5 and 15 meters of depth. I started feeling back pain while sleeping. During August and September a dull pain in my lumbar region, grew to the point that I had to sleep bended forward. At wake up I had a difficult time getting upright, and had to wait some minutes till my muscles warmed up. It was like being 80 years old. I work as a pilot and most work days involve staying seated for 12 hours straight, with just some time to go to the toilet and walk around the plane to perform the preflight checks. I started using small pillows to support my lower back in the cockpit seat, and I was constantly readjusting my position to try to lessen the pain. More than a pain was a severe discomfort that kept me from seating or standing for longer than 10 minutes. For months I thought that I had strained my back while diving. I use long flippers and some times swim using the dolphin kick (which can be a bit hard on the lower back if not performed correctly). But as I continued the normal training in September( I didn't feel pain at all during training) the pain just became grew. I had started training again after buying the GB courses that same Spring. I was getting to grips with the training and looking for ways to escalate the already basic levels, and adapt them to the equipment on my gym. Unfortunately I had been postponing the stretch series, till I started mastering the basic movements, this has proved to be a big big mistake as you'll see. Also I had started running and biking in the gym, building very slowly time and performance as well as trying to improve my technique. Still my main focus is GB training, and if I have to cut the training I cut it in the aerobic part. I tried osteopathy, it had worked great for other back, shoulder and wrist problems in the past. But it didn't work this time. My wife who is a rheumatologist, insisted in making a spine X-ray. It took me till March to accept it. It showed a discopathy in L3 (if I recall correctly). But there is little therapy that can be done, beyond taking some anti-inflammatory. One day a co-worker who competes in different distance running and bike races, told me that it was probable that I had tight psoas and quads. I didn't know what the psoas was or how it worked. I started to browse the internet for information and different stretching techniques, and they worked somehow. This was encouraging but I never reduced the pain more than a 30% or so. Then after one week looking for different stretches, I recalled the stretch series. I must confess that I should have thought about the forum and the stretch series much much sooner. But I was fixated in the idea of being a strain, and then worried about the discopathy. Also I thougth that the price was a bit steep at first when it came out, so I always made an excuse to delay buying it, I was not that tight after all huh? I opened my browser and bought the whole stretch series, 5 min later I was stretching. As soon as I started doing the split stretch series, I saw the light. At first in form of all kind of continuous cursing and crying during the 50 min of stretching, then immediate pain relieve (up to an 80% the first session). This relieve lasted 6 days, then my back remembered me that it was time to stretch again (just like a little Coach Summer's voice inside me). After 3 weeks the pain and discomfort were gone for a 95%. After 6 months I´m pain free, and sometimes if I delay too much my stretching series, I have a slight discomfort in my back, but nothing serious. My wife is impressed, and even she is doing the stretching with me sometimes when she has lower back pain. And of course my flexibility is steadily improving each week. Sometimes during the next months I would like to take another lumbar X Ray to see how the discopathy has evolved. I think I've learned the lesson, next time I have a problem I'll come immediately to the forum to ask, and look for a GB course to correct my problem!. And about the price, few things have been cheaper in my life than the stretch series, they just freed me of my back pain in a single hour!.
  5. What brand/weight of resistance tubing is being used for the supine and prone thoracic band pull?
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