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  1. Hello there!I'm writing this topic in order to ask if my new routine (after one year of almost no exercise) will bring me to my goals, so I'd be grateful if you could share your opinions about it.My goals are the freestanding handstand,straddle L,single legs squat and overall flexibility. Everyday before workout I do leg strenght training Squats 10x3 Hamstring rises 10x3 Calf rises 20x3 (I do these as a superset) Straddle L (bent legs) 15sec x4 After the workout I do this flexibility routine - http://agt.degreesofclarity.com/stretching/ Day 1 Ido's shoulder ROM and stabilization routine Pull-ups 5x3 Dips 5x3 Wrist PU 10x3 Shoulder dislocates Day 2 Ido's shoulder ROM and stabilization routine FL(tuck) pull-ups 5x3 Planche(tuck)push-ups 5x3 Wrist PU 10x3 Wall slides (on the floor, my flexibility is bad and I cant move my arms upwards so I just hold them in the starting position) 10sec x2 Day 3 Ido's shoulder ROM and stabilization routine Curls 5x3 Wall Handstand 15sec x4 Wrist PU 10x3 Shoulder dislocates Day 4 rest Then I start again from day 1.I know something is missing and that's why I'd like opinions if possible.Thanks!
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