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Found 2 results

  1. I've been doing weighted single legs squats for a while now and I tend to stay around 50kg weight, going for 5 sets of 5.However, for specific reasons I won't have access to weights for potentially a long period of time.What can I do to replace them?I was thinking maybe somehow attaching my ankles to a box fixed to the ground and using my quads to extend my body(like a reverse hamstring raise or something) But that doesn't quite make up for it.Is there any way to make squats "heavier" without weights or is the SLS/jumping SLS the maximum?
  2. Hello everyone, this is my first post so I hope I'm not putting it in the wrong section So, a few months ago I started getting interested in bodyweight training. At first I looked at Convict Conditioning, and followed that program for I while, but the progressions and the general style of that book didn't quite cut it for me. Then I bought BtGB and got hooked, for the reasons you all can surely imagine. I'm at the very start of my training (i.e. I'm doing standard push-ups and they are hard enough, for me); I'm 26, just shy of 5 feet 7, at about 130 pounds. I've been pondering if I should buy Foundation One for all my programming needs, but I have a physical problem that's been holding me off. Basically I have a spastic tendency in my legs; I walk with a noticeable limp (slight, mind you -- it's not crippling, I can run, jump, and the like), I tend to suffer from cramps from time to time after physical activity and my right knee sometimes hurt, probably postural imbalances taking their toll. For these reasons I have a ReHab Workout and I regularly swim, so I pretty much got that covered. My question is, if I completely avoid squats and the like, as I've been told to do by my physician, will I miss out much of foundation one? Is it possible to train one's upper body and learn some gymnastics skill disregarding the legs? Thank you!

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