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Found 3 results

  1. Saquib Rahman

    Jumping rope barefooted

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on jumping rope barefooted? It feels better to me when jumping rope barefooted than wearing a shoe (I wear boxing shoes when I do). Probably because I am used to running barefooted from when I was a kid (football/soccer on all surfaces, didn't always carry my boots with me) until 7 years ago when I moved to the UK. Just starting to get back into fitness again now. I keep hearing from a friend that it is bad for my joints, not because I'm overweight (101kg @ 25% body fat if anyone is curious), but for the impact. I thought small amounts of impact were good for training the joints and muscles to rebound? I remembering hearing Coach Sommer speak about how our bones, contrary to popular belief, are actually meant to bend (to some degree) to absorb shock and immediately rebound back (Tim Ferris Show). I am not doing anything too explosive, no double-unders, and going at a slow pace (just started jumping rope after a few years). Must I wear shoes? I know I am whining at this point as it is easy enough to just wear shoes lol, but I thought if being barefooted is beneficial in any way whilst being more comfortable for me, it is a win-win.
  2. Zach Koch

    Short Achilles Tendon

    After hurting my back doing lower weight squats, my doctor told me that having a shorter achilles tendon made the barbell squat more dangerous. I'm now wonder if this is also why I've never been able to touch my toes despite daily attempts. Does anyone have, or is anyone familiar with a case where someone has a shorter achilles tendon and was able to reach fingers or wrist to toes. Is it feasible? My neice(5 years old) has it even worse than I do. She constantly toe walks and in her gymnastics class, is the only kid who seems to be having trouble. So, I'm asking for her as well.
  3. Afiya Zia

    pnf and Teenagers

    I'd like to supplement my lower body weighted work with some mobility pieces. I like Kelly Starret's Squat Series, as well as Kit Laughlin's soleus stretch, but they feature elements of pnf, which I read can damage growth plates in adolescents. Does this danger spread to: 1) the Contract-Relax kind of stretch, where one strives to increase the stretch as much as possible? 2) stretches where one moves in and out of the position, or oscilates through it? Are these safe? I'm fourteen years old, and am around 5 ft 6 in. I can't buy Kit's book as of now, as I am saving money for H1, and eventually, M1. As always, any and all help is appreciated Thanks, Aadil
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