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Found 4 results

  1. Patrick Francis

    Handstand alignment and strength

    Hi, new to the forum so apologies if this has been posted in the wrong place lol. I'm looking for some advice on handstands in the hope that someone may be able to help... I've been practicing freestanding handstands now for around 4 months, every week seeing improvement in both my balance and alignment. One thing I've noticed is that the more my alignment improves and the more I'm able to open my shoulders and stack my body on top of them, the less my hold time is. Blanace doesn't seem to be the culprit, as my arms will start to bend at the elbow and I don't have to strength to hold it any longer. I'm guessing this is because more weight is now on top of my shoulders instead of my back arching and taking the weight. So my question is did anyone else experience less strength the more their alignment improved? And if so, any tips on improving strength and in durance in the handstands. I rarely practice wall handstand hold which I think would benefit me...?
  2. Santiago Pinzón

    Handstand alignment and scoliosis

    Has anybody experience alignment problems in the handstand due to scoliosis? I have scoliosis (diagnostic by a doctor) that is not very bad, but I have struggle with the handstand for more than 6 months now, I have worked on all of the bodyline drills, rebalancing drills, mobility but I still cannot balance it. I went to a handbalancing class and they told me I have one arm pushing harder than the other (my stronger one) and my hips a little bit turn to one side, which trows my alignment off. Would you advise trying to solve the scoliosis, or adjusting my handstand form to work around this problem? This is my handstand form right now, without a wall and with it. I don't think my alignment is terrible, but I STILL CANNOT BALANCE IT.P.s. I work on the handstand daily, have attended gymnastics classes specifically for the handstand and now handbalancing ones, so please don't just say "practice more"
  3. Julius Teuber

    critique on handstand form

    Hey guys, can somebody give me some critique on my actual handstand (alignment etc.)... Thanks handstand.WMV
  4. I saw video with Olympic gold medalist Arthur Zanetti performing "banana" shaped handstand on parallel bars. I wondered whether he ignored the mobility training or this is just a choice he made. Also the lift to handstand is more of planche to handstand then a true lift. I am not a gymnast but started gymnastic training 1.5 years ago. After reading much articles of coach Sommer I assumed that a pro gymnast would have a well aligned handstand, but when I subscribed to my local gym I saw lots of banana handstand even at highest levels. Does this have to do with the competing pressure (learn stuff as fast as possible so that you can compete), genetics,...? Discussion.
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