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Found 3 results

  1. Tony Burrows

    Squat mobility with hypermobility

    Hello, not sure where to start really. I have joined today hoping to find some advice regarding poor squat mobility. I am following a strength training program which included compound lifts such as barbell squat, deadlift & bench press. I have been following this program for 6 months & have increased the weight I can lift on all exercises. But not as much as the programme calls for & I am wondering if it is due to my medical condition. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome & this comes with joint hypermobility. When I was young I was extremely flexible but this seems to have lessened a bit as I have aged. The main problems I am facing is on the squat. It just feels unnatural & uncomfortable to do. I experience soreness at the top of my knees at the lower part of the quadricep & pain in my groin. As soon as I take a wide stance & descent my groin feels like it limited in opening & I experience slight pain. I also seem to favour one leg which I think has caused a strain on my outer quad muscle. I have heard that people with hypermobile joints should never stretch but I actually think this is what I need? Any advice or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks, Tony.
  2. Michael Morello

    Squatting barefoot or with Olympic

    Hi Everyone. I have a complex question that I believe is a individually different from person to person. i want to become more explosive in my hips and glutes and quads. So I know i need to practice the snatch, clean and jerk, and squat. People squat barefoot, people squat with flat shoes and people squat with Olympic weightlifting shoes. Which do you guys choose to do? and which would make me the most explosive?
  3. Hello everyone, this is my first post so I hope I'm not putting it in the wrong section So, a few months ago I started getting interested in bodyweight training. At first I looked at Convict Conditioning, and followed that program for I while, but the progressions and the general style of that book didn't quite cut it for me. Then I bought BtGB and got hooked, for the reasons you all can surely imagine. I'm at the very start of my training (i.e. I'm doing standard push-ups and they are hard enough, for me); I'm 26, just shy of 5 feet 7, at about 130 pounds. I've been pondering if I should buy Foundation One for all my programming needs, but I have a physical problem that's been holding me off. Basically I have a spastic tendency in my legs; I walk with a noticeable limp (slight, mind you -- it's not crippling, I can run, jump, and the like), I tend to suffer from cramps from time to time after physical activity and my right knee sometimes hurt, probably postural imbalances taking their toll. For these reasons I have a ReHab Workout and I regularly swim, so I pretty much got that covered. My question is, if I completely avoid squats and the like, as I've been told to do by my physician, will I miss out much of foundation one? Is it possible to train one's upper body and learn some gymnastics skill disregarding the legs? Thank you!
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