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Found 5 results

  1. Marco Levati

    Increase mass of biceps

    Hi, I am currently almost done with the Mastery levels of Foundations One. Will start Two very soon. I have been progressing steadily without skipping progressions (even if exercises were "too easy"), and I love it like this slowly painless progression. I feel great and my question is more about proportions of aesthetics. I noticed that my core is starting to look really good, well defined and muscles are getting bigger. However my arms are not really changing. What is a good series to do every week to increase the mass of biceps? and eventually also triceps? I know it could sound as a superficial question, but I am sure others have the same. Thanks for the suggestions!
  2. ForzaCavaliere

    Neuromuscular strength gains vs muscle mass

    Strength comes from efficiency of the nervous system and cross-sectional area of the muscles involved (mass). Gymnasts, while pretty muscly, get most of their strength from neuromuscular efficiency (?). What is it in their training that makes it so they gain more efficient motor systems rather than muscle mass? Is there a way to train for one or the other (exclusively)? If I am wrong in my initial statements please tell me.
  3. Philipp Zimmermann

    Gaining Mass / Fixing My Diet

    Hi all, I decided to fix my diet to gain some mass. I´m doing F1 4 times a week and H1 2 times since February. And really see some improvment. I´m more defined, but I struggle to put on weight. I checked out alot of topics about nutrition and based my approach upon all this information: 1. Eat enough calories( ca. 2200 kcal) and protein( ca.120g )! 2. Eat whole foods and a crapton of vegetabels and fruits! 3. Getting breakfast! 4. Slow digisting meal before I go to bed! I don´t want to lose my self into details so this is just a basic approach. While changing my diet I also want to fix my sleeping habits and start doing some kind of cardio / HIIT ! Some Imformation about myself: I´m 18 years old. My weight is 64kg(141 lbs) and I´m 185cm tall. I was always underweight, but I had never problems with it( My doc said it was okay as long as I feel good). Never really active at doing sports, till I started some weight training 1,5 half year ago and F1/H1 since February. Never done some sort of cardio/HIIT.... And never eat breakfast or eat a lot of fruits and vegetabels... I´m getting pre / post workout nutrition inspired by this thread https://www.gymnasticbodies.com/forum/topic/9580-perfect-workout-nutrition-2013/ ( it´s really helps me. Thanks for this great post ) What do you think about my approach? Maybe someone has some tips about the cardio aspect aswell. (I will to have change a lot, but it´s really time to do it.) Looking forward to every answer and thanks for your help ! =) Yours sincerely, Phil ( English is not my native, but I hope its okay^^)
  4. alihanyildirim

    Gaining Weight Whilst Training Static Holds

    Hi GB forum members! I have a few questions which I would really appreciate some answers to as they have been on my mind for quite a while. I have been training gymnastics for almost 1 year now and when I started out I was only into tumbling but have now shifted my focus more onto the Still Rings and Strength Training. I can hold both half front levers and back levers and a handstand on the wall for close to a minute. My muscle up is a work in progress and my ring l-sit is around 20seconds. I wanted to know if trying to put on muscle mass while trying to progress in static holds such as the Front Lever/Back Lever, Planche, Side Lever, Manna and Handstands will slow my progress down as gaining weight means that my body has to work harder to hold a position whereas if I was maintaining my weight would it be easier? I am 6 feet tall and weigh 81kg (178lbs). So my question again is, is gaining mass and trying to progress in static holds doable or would it be better for me cut my weight down and just maintain whilst trying to gain more strength? Thanks!
  5. Clément POIRET

    Gb Wod For Earn Muscle Mass

    Hello all Well, I have a question, I will have rings and parallettes. I also have all the books of Vass TheSuperSaiyan, Overcoming Gravity, Convict Conditioning (1,2 SuperFAQ), and Building The Gymnastic Body, Raising The Bar (by Al Kavadlo) strengt Training Anatomy (by Frederic Delavier) Lafay methods and various books of Turbulence Training. I read most of these books and they all converge to almost the same type of WOD. However, even if I have more than a year of experience, having been assisted by the method Lafay does not help me to know how to design my own WOD correctly so I turned to the WOD of GymnasticBodies. Are they good for earn muscle mass ? thank you, Clement. PS : Sorry for my English, I'm French
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