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Found 2 results

  1. Eric Bruenner

    MAF Heart Rate Aerobic Training

    Was curious to hear @Coach Sommer or any other coaches' or experienced trainees' opinion on using the Maffetone Method for cardiovascular conditioning as a supplement to GST/Foundations. I tracked down some of coach's older comments on running, the gist of which was that lower weekly mileage (the ~6 mi/week range in either a 3x2mi or 2x3mi split) was perfectly fine. Curious to hear any opinions on the Maffetone Method (i.e. heart rate training at 180-Age). Is this method compatible with GST? If so, are the weekly mileage recommendations the same, given the gentle nature of the training? I like the MAF method due to the auto-regulation and the possibility of using different modalities (i.e. bike, rower, rucking, running, etc.) Thanks!
  2. Philipp Zimmermann

    Gaining Mass / Fixing My Diet

    Hi all, I decided to fix my diet to gain some mass. I´m doing F1 4 times a week and H1 2 times since February. And really see some improvment. I´m more defined, but I struggle to put on weight. I checked out alot of topics about nutrition and based my approach upon all this information: 1. Eat enough calories( ca. 2200 kcal) and protein( ca.120g )! 2. Eat whole foods and a crapton of vegetabels and fruits! 3. Getting breakfast! 4. Slow digisting meal before I go to bed! I don´t want to lose my self into details so this is just a basic approach. While changing my diet I also want to fix my sleeping habits and start doing some kind of cardio / HIIT ! Some Imformation about myself: I´m 18 years old. My weight is 64kg(141 lbs) and I´m 185cm tall. I was always underweight, but I had never problems with it( My doc said it was okay as long as I feel good). Never really active at doing sports, till I started some weight training 1,5 half year ago and F1/H1 since February. Never done some sort of cardio/HIIT.... And never eat breakfast or eat a lot of fruits and vegetabels... I´m getting pre / post workout nutrition inspired by this thread https://www.gymnasticbodies.com/forum/topic/9580-perfect-workout-nutrition-2013/ ( it´s really helps me. Thanks for this great post ) What do you think about my approach? Maybe someone has some tips about the cardio aspect aswell. (I will to have change a lot, but it´s really time to do it.) Looking forward to every answer and thanks for your help ! =) Yours sincerely, Phil ( English is not my native, but I hope its okay^^)
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