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Found 3 results

  1. ayloedxa

    Hollow Body Hip position

    Greetings fellow friends, I have had a lot of discussion about the hollow body shape concerning the pelvis and/or legs. 1. If for example you are hanging from the high bar, you should press your chest inwards to achieve a round back. Now should there be an angle between the legs and the lower back/pelvis, i.e. should there be a small pike? Or should it be completely straight and all the roundness should come from the upper back area? I hope this question is clear :S 2. Also, when I do the hollow body on the floor, should I try to press my lower back so far into the ground, that my glutes lift off the ground? I hope that I articulated myself well enough and you can help me with this problem, Fynn
  2. Raidho

    Landing in hollow?

    So I've taken up some parkour-training along with F1 and rehabing after shoulder surgery. REEEAAALLY basic stuff like jumping and landing silently and in control. I'm staying away from the different vaults until the end of the year. A question on landing and absorption of impact and what is best for the spine, especially the lower back. It seems as when I land straight down, I tend to let my lower back go into extension. I do of course land on the balls of my feet and bend the knees, but what about hip rotation and the spine? It feels as if I'm gonna hurt myself if i don't watch it. Should I think that my spine should be as if in a hollow body position? Aka the tailbone a bit tucked under? How do I best distribute the impact through out my body if i don't roll? I figure gymnast must be quite good at this since they regularly "stick landings" dismounting from stallbars, rings etc.
  3. Georgios Panagiotakos

    Hollow hold : pelvis position and activation

    HI, well im trying hollow holds for a while and i have trouble with pevlis position and activation. So here is my questions to this lovely community : 1) Should I have posteriot pelvic tilt during hollow hold ? For some time i didnt focus on tilting my pelvis ( and propably didnt ) and had lower back pain after keeping the position for 20-30 sec. 2) Sometimes if i havent tilted before raising my hands and legs i cant tilt my pevlis after doing so , is it only me ? ( finally! ) 3) I now tilt my pevlis before raising my hands and legs and everything is fine. Is this the right way ? P.S I searched here and on google for quite a while so plz help
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