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  1. Hello everyone! I am seriously considering purchasing the foundation series, but have absolutely no access to stall bars. Obviously they are heavily used in the program. Is there a way to train without them? Or at least some acceptable substitutes? I appreciate the help.
  2. Hi all, I have gone through 'phases' of seeking fitness. There were the vertical jump phases when I played basketball. That went with the Marine Corps and with the MC came crossfit. After getting out I decided this was my chance to 'get big' as I could dictate my training more. Did this for the last 2 years, but all the while seeing gymnasts, dancers, capoeiraists, ect do these amazing things and show a ridiculous amount of control of their bodies. Then I stumbled upon GB.com and the Foundation 1 course. After a small debate with myself I thought sure I will give it a try, even though I have been disappointed by e books before. WOW was I shocked and thoroughly impressed by the comprehensiveness, breakdown and scalability of the program. Coming from a ‘fit’ background but without gymnastic ability and nearly 27 years old now, it is exactly what an adult like me needs to begin a journey in performing the feats that have impressed me and led me to the purchase. Only did the first day today but it was exactly what I expected. Thought I would come near mastery of some but sadly the barbell feats do not pass to the floor/rings! However, the scheme for progression is so clear and confidence building that I feel energized to continue! The mobilization exercises are great and it’s awesome that they scale with the strength exercises. Sorry for rambling guys but I just had to give a shout out because I am so pleased! Good luck to everyone’s training, Matt
  3. I'm a long-time intermittent BTGB practitioner back from the DragonDoor article days in 2005 (Coach published a testimonial I had posted on the DragonDoor forum in the back of the BTGB book). Though my progress had been affected by long breaks that were due to a complicated fracture that eventually required surgery, as well as 120 hour work-weeks during my professional training, I managed to progress to a near full front lever (unfortunately with scapulas *not* retracted), advanced tuck planche, and straddle back lever. Despite my ok-ish progress doing things my old way, I always had doubts about whether I was doing things the right way with respect to programming and selection of exercises, and definitely felt like I could be doing things better, which is why I am so excited about the foundation and upcoming handstand series. Although the strength I developed through GST allows me to do most of the exercises in F1, I definitely do not have the endurance required for most of the PE1s (other than RC and HBP), and have therefore started with the basics in F1. I love the fact that everything is spelled out in F1, and that every exercise is performed right there in front of me without my having to look it up. Another bonus right now is that, working out this way is much easier and less painful then the way I used to work out (so far). It's also therefore more motivating, because despite being less painful (for now), I've decided to trust the notion that if I just follow the program and remain diligent, I'll continue to gradually develop some very significant skills and strength. Which leads me to my question... While I was training regularly with BTGB, working on static and dynamic exercises, I did notice some moderate physical changes in my body (mostly biceps, shoulders, abs, triceps, and chest). What I'm wondering, is whether F1 will do the same. I know that by the time F4 is finished, physical changes in musculature will have to have happened, but I'm wondering what to expect at the 18 month mark once F1 is completed. Are there people who learned the foundation program at the seminars 12-16 months ago who are far enough in their training to be able to notice whether F1 has changed them physically? Coach's athletes all look amazing, but they're way beyond F1 or even F4, so they're not necessarily good barometers here. I'm not asking whether one would look like a bodybuilder after F1 or F2 (heaven forbid). I am also not saying that the main goal of GST should be aesthetics. That being said, Coach has always said that to look like a gymnast, one needs to train like a gymnast; I'm just wondering at what point this will start to happen (if ever) while following the Foundation program.
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