Change Your Exercise Tempo to Speed Your Gains

Have you hit a plateau with your strength training? Adjusting your exercise tempo may be all you need to accelerate your muscle growth

Have you hit a plateau with your strength training? Adjusting your exercise tempo may be all you need to accelerate your muscle growth and make old exercises stimulating again. Try this to keep the gains coming! While the tempo in the GB Online Courses is the gold standard for mastery of an exercise, we’ll take a look at

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Strength Training Equipment to Level Up Your Workout

strength training equipment

Advanced calisthenics or Gymnastics Strength Training (GST) often utilizes strength training equipment that can provide a tremendous boost in strength and mobility gains. Wikipedia defines bodyweight strength training as training that uses only the body for resistance. While this is partially true, do not make the mistake of thinking that you cannot gain or benefit from

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Life as A Junior Olympic Athlete: Living the GB Philosophy

Junior Olympic Athlete

As GymnasticBodies has grown in popularity, more and more people have questioned what it was like to be one of Coach Sommer’s original athletes. The truth is, anyone who has attended a GB seminar can tell you first-hand what training under Coach is like. In fact, many current GB students have stated that their own

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Gymnastics for Climbing Strength—Your Competitive Edge

gymnastics for climbing strength

Climbers! If you're serious about training, you are missing out if you haven't been using gymnastics for climbing strength. Even John Gill, the father of modern bouldering, credits his inspiration and incredible climbing strength to his gymnastics background. This is where you'll find more strength and power. In 4 easy steps, we’re about to turn

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Functional Fitness: 3 Exercises that Strengthen Your Movement

functional fitness

Functional fitness is a trendy phrase these days as more and more people want to set their bodies free to enjoy day-to-day activities, both mundane and extracurricular. But what does it mean to be functional? For some, it means having the strength to lift heavy things without collapsing to the ground. For others, it’s being able

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Body Awareness: Good Form Leads to Extraordinary Strength

body awareness

The basics of strength training seem simple at first: you exercise hard, get sweaty, breathe heavy, and get stronger. But we all know it’s not that easy. Body awareness is key to utilizing the right muscles to build the right strength to do the things we have fun doing. It's a science! And the better you

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3 Bodyweight Exercises to Maximize Your Gains

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates upper body strength with a chin hold.

Bodyweight exercises can kick your butt if you do them correctly. Plus, they are a refreshing challenge to your strength training. Mixing things up – and challenging yourself with something new  – will help you to stay engaged and passionate about your fitness goals. Many of the exercises that you do at the gym require heavy equipment

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Posterior Pelvic Tilt: Your Key to Powerful Calisthenics

posterior pelvic tilt and anterior pelvic tilt

Hip control and mobility is a game changer when it comes to athletic endeavors, performance, and even plain old health. It takes a fair amount of practice to master even the basics of posterior pelvic tilt, so we hope this helps you get started—for athletic endeavors now and relief tomorrow! To the well-trained eye, the way

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3 Backyard Exercises to Get Fit on the Fourth of July

backyard exercises

Red, white, and … phew! Get your sweat on with these 4th of July backyard exercises. Crank out this GymnasticBodies signature full-body mobility and strength combo before you chow down on your celebratory BBQ. Complete four rounds of these exercises, circuit style: Backyard Exercise #1: Hawaiian Squats The Hawaiian Squat is going to address your

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The Anatomy of a Perfect Workout

The Anatomy of a PERFECT Workout

What does the perfect workout look like to you? Does it make your joints invincible? Does it enhance your athletic performance? What about your quality of life? These are all things you can expect to gain if your workout contains the essential components we are about to share. Does your schedule look like this? Some

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