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Train like a champion with Coach Sommer with the same system that has produced elite athletes and transformed fitness enthusiasts alike.

Money Back Guarantee

Our system is low risk. If you choose not to continue with it within the first 30 days we will refund your money.

Perfectly Paced Progression

Why use a generic workout plan? Train only the bodyweight progressions that fit your individual needs.

Unbeatable Support

Private course forums give direct access to Coach Sommer, GB Trainers and fellow fitness enthusiasts around the world.

Paired Mobility

Each exercises is paired with integrated mobility to keep you flexible and your joints strong. Many of our weighted mobility elements are used by physiotherapists around the globe.

Advanced Workout Planner

Spend more time in the gym instead of planning your workout. GB tracks all of your progressions and microcycles to simplify your life.

Mastery System

Our unique system of mastery helps you maximize the benefits of each exercise. Safely train your muscles, connective tissue and joints and develop the basics needed for later advanced training.

Lifetime Access

Pay once and access your courses anytime without the hassle of monthly subscriptions. Enjoy updates to the GB courses free forever.

GymnasticBodies is no better expressed than in the dedication and genius of it’s creator Coach Sommer. Coach Sommer has managed to hone his many years at an elite level coach and cater his technique for those new but excited to learn this dynamic way to strengthen their bodies.


With the Gymnastics Bodies training, I chipped away at my weaknesses and worked on those basics.


I began training gymnastics as a freshman in college, 7 years ago...I have not found anything else that comes close to the Gymnastics Bodies curriculum in terms of depth, quality, comprehensiveness or sheer effectiveness.

  • Brand new interface design that makes going through the progressions easier than ever before
  • Exercises are broken down into manageable pieces that progress with one another
  • Tutorial videos with step-by-step instructions accompany every progression
  • Every course is tagged with its difficulty, so you can easily find the courses that fit your current skill set
  • Easily navigate within courses and progressions
Foundation Series homepage
Foundation Series Course page

The Courses

Foundation Series


The GB Foundation Courses focus exclusively on the development of the seven GST fundamentals AND the necessary mobility requirements that go hand in hand with them; Front Lever, Straddle Planche, Side Lever, Manna, Single Leg Squat, Hollow Back Press and Rope Climb.

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Handstand Series


The handstand is a fundamental position in gymnastics. GB Handstand Series teaches basic alignment and balance, pressing and later one arm handstand development (not yet released).

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Rings Series


Still rings are the most powerful tool for training the upper body. The Rings Series teaches you to safely train beginning ring strength to iron cross and later advanced holds such as maltese and inverted iron cross.

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Stretch Series


The Stretch Courses develop Front Split, Middle Split, Thoracic Bridge, Pancake, Pike, Shoulder Flexion and Shoulder Extension.

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